independent lung ventilation

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in·de·pen·dent lung ven·ti·la·tion

(ILV) (in'dĕ-pen'dĕnt lŭng ven'ti-lā'shŭn)
A mode of mechanical ventilation.
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Independent lung ventilation and High Frequency oscillation have been employed in the management of BPF and both are worthy of columns of their own.
I must emphasize that both independent lung ventilation and HFOV have some clinical utility in the ventilatory support of the patient with BPF, however the current thought is that one become more goal directed with these patients and work within the parameters of your individual practice model.
I must stress that selective intubation, double lumen ET-tubes, independent lung ventilation and HFOV all have enormous potential and should be utilized in a highly contextualized fashion.

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