external audit

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ex·ter·nal au·dit

(eks-tĕr'năl aw'dit)
A verification of health care records by someone outside the organization to be sure that the health care facility is maintaining professional standards.
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The Committee was formed to deliberate and prepare recommendations on adopting a mechanism of independent audit oversight set up for public interest company auditors in Pakistan, said a statement issued by SECP here on Thursday.
Additionally, the Cabinet determines the establishment and working rules along with the qualifications of audit personnel of independent audit companies with the new TTK.
For the first time, the New York Stock Exchange demanded independent audits of public company books.
The district sought the independent audit - as part of its last union contract - after City Controller Laura Chick began attacking the district in December for a lack of transparency and accountability.
Independent Audit Committee -- The independent audit committee is central to corporate governance regarding the financial reporting process.
We think there should be an independent audit of every camera in the country.
I agree that the wave of corporate scandals argues for a thoroughly independent audit committee.
Controlled companies (one in which an individual, a group or another company hold more than 50% of the voting power) would have to have a completely independent audit committee but would be exempt from the requirement that a board must have a majority of independent directors.
If Congress determines that the integrity of corporate income tax returns warrants an expanded scope and higher level of internal scrutiny than is currently required, TEI suggests requiring a company's independent audit committee to annually authorize the chief tax officer to sign the corporate income tax return.
But few of these claims have been substantiated through an independent audit.
Islamabad -- The SECP-ICAP joint committee has reached on consensus about the way forward towards formation of a robust and effective independent audit oversight board in Pakistan.
Independent audit for consolidated financial statements to be conducted in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America and the standards applicable to financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.

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