indemnity benefit

indemnity benefit,

n a contract benefit that is paid to the insured to meet the cost of dental services received.
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Temporary and permanent total disability claims of obese injured workers resulted in indemnity benefit durations five times longer than similar claims involving normal-weight injured workers, according to a 2012 study Indemnity Benefit Duration and Obesity by the National Council on Compensation Insurance.
A fixed indemnity benefit plan provides a flexible alternative to traditional gap coverage, giving brokers an important new tool in their sales arsenal.
As an Arkansas-based and Arkansas-owned company, QualChoice has a comprehensive line of insured HMO, POS, PPO and indemnity benefit plans for groups and individuals.
The analyses further indicate that an increase in expected indemnity benefit contributes to the reduction of insurance unit price.
Yet California's average indemnity benefit to the partially disabled in 2002 was $21,819 - double and triple that of Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Connecticut or North Carolina.
The former is paid as a component of wages, while the latter is an indemnity benefit paid only if a worker is injured.
Transamerica Employee Benefits, formerly known as Transamerica Worksite Marketing, today announced the launch of a new voluntary prescription drug indemnity benefit that provides access to discounted prescription medications for employees who otherwise may not have access to affordable healthcare.
The financial module provides comprehensive support for the different state nuances around indemnity benefit calculations.
i,t] is the average bodily injury indemnity benefit paid by the state residual market facility in state i during year t divided by the average property damage coverage indemnity benefit paid by the state facility in the same year.
At that time, the New York State Workers' Compensation Board began gathering loss and wage data on every indemnity benefit transaction on every claim in the state.
The average indemnity benefit dropped from $7,687 in 1990 to $2,240 in 1999.