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The agreement between an insurance company or other financial entity to underwrite the expenses incurred by a policyholder for covered services.
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Best in order to obtain financial ratings for Indemnity-DC and Indemnity that were not based on the companies' true financial condition.
Braun continued: Many professional bodies have already made the purchasing of Professional Indemnity insurance obligatory because often their members are in advisory positions and are therefore exposed to high liability risk.
For more information, visit the Global Indemnity plc website at http://www.
Indemnity and insurance provisions in offshore oil and gas contracts are tremendously important, but often receive little or no attention during contract negotiation and drafting.
How is the indemnity payment treated for tax purposes?
Parent, Seller, and Purchaser shall cooperate with each other in the conduct of any audit or other proceedings involving Company or the Subsidiaries for such periods and each may participate at its own expense, provided that Parent and Seller shall have the right to control the conduct of any such audit or proceeding for which Parent and Seller (i) agree that any resulting Tax is covered by the indemnity provided in Section XXXX.
detailed legal analysis of GAFTA sale contract forms and standard letter of indemnity P&I Clubs forms
Global Indemnity plc (NASDAQ: GBLI), through its several direct and indirect wholly owned subsidiary insurance and reinsurance companies, provides both admitted and nonadmitted specialty property and casualty insurance coverages in the United States, as well as reinsurance throughout the world.
Starr Indemnity was incorporated in 1919 and is a subsidiary of Starr International USA, Inc.
Indemnity recommends visiting the website at least 15 minutes prior to the Webcast to download and install any necessary software.
31, the name of the company was changed to Quanta Indemnity Co.