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The agreement between an insurance company or other financial entity to underwrite the expenses incurred by a policyholder for covered services.
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The largest amount paid out in indemnities EUR 50.037 million - was recorded in property insurance.
The pair, along with the cabinet member for planning John Riddle, were previously granted indemnities after they were named as part of the High Court claim by Lugano over the handling of its Dissington Garden Village planning application.
'PSALM paid a total of P7,329,987 worth of indemnities from the first to the sixth batches of claimants,' the state firm said on Wednesday.
The indemnities relate to serious allegations made by Lugano, who claim the Conservative-led council has handled its application for the Dissington Garden Village, a development of up to 2,000 homes near Ponteland in an "unlawful" way.
Among the topics are letters of indemnity and the carriage of goods by sea, letters of indemnity and bills of lading, the international position, the English position on "clean bills," policy considerations, enforcing "discharge" letters of indemnity, change of destination letters of indemnity, and implied indemnities. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
crop insurance indemnities for 2012 crops exceeded $13 billion as of Jan.
Employers need to be mindful of their potential exposure and ensure indemnities are tightly drafted."