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1. not susceptible of being cured.
2. a person with a disease that cannot be cured.
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Denoting a disease or morbid process unresponsive to medical or surgical treatment.
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1. Being such that a cure is impossible; not curable: an incurable disease.
2. Incapable of being altered, as in disposition or habits: an incurable optimist; an incurable smoker.

in·cur′a·bil′i·ty n.
in·cur′a·ble n.
in·cur′a·bly adv.
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Not able to be remedied by currently available medical means. The progress of medical science in the 20th century repeatedly showed that what is incurable today is often remediable tomorrow.
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Patient discussion about incurable

Q. Cancer - incurable? When i was surfing the internet for the incurable disease, i found CANCER is one among them. Is there not a medicine found yet? Really is it incurable?

A. I like to share with you what i read from a book it said 'With modern day treatments many cancers are completely cured but unfortunately there are still many others which are not.

Although it is not always possible to be certain, doctors are often able to tell whether or not a particular cancer might be cured. Even if cancer is incurable they will usually still offer treatment in the hope of prolonging life and, controlling, symptoms.'

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For more than 35 years, Compton Care have been supporting people with incurable conditions and their loved ones as leaders in palliative care.
He finally found just the right combination--the basis for a working "remedy" for his health problems and a cure what the doctors said I was incurable.
He hopes one day that we will be able to cure the incurable.
The new study across England, Scotland and Wales, found that only 21% of NHS organisations had a specialist nurse dedicated to those whose cancer has advanced and is incurable.
BEIRUT: Health Minister Wael Abu Faour Wednesday praised the Labor Ministry and the NSSF for finally approving a joint program to fully cover the cost of some medications for incurable diseases.
The court of appeals confirmed that the Board had reasonably relied on substantial evidence in determining that the repairs should be considered incurable physical deterioration.
Country Manager PNFWH, Dr Siddqui said that the disease which once considered incurable and also a curse can be treated in a successful way by a surgeon having proficiency in the needed surgical procedure.
NNA - Public Health minister, Wael Abou Faour, pressed on Saturday charges against a person known as "Al-Sudani" who claims that he cures from incurable sicknesses.
Before twenty-two-year-old Simon Bebler learned of his incurable illness, he was content simply observing his life as if reading a novel.