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Any growth in quantity.


Any growth in quantity.
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Asthma prevalence appears to have increased since the early 1960s (Beasley 2002), with the rise in asthma prevalence occurring among both children and adults (Beasley et al.
Prewar units Downtown median sales price increased 24% to $535,000.
Its elastomer consumption increased by 15% over the period, compared to 8% in Asia, 7% in Latin America, Africa and North America, 3% in the EU, and decline in Australia.
For instance, the index for physician services increased 57.
Applications for ductile iron have increased steadily since its development in the 1940s due to its relatively low production cost and ability to achieve a range of microstructures with different mechanical properties.
Contributing factors: Factors cited for these increases include increased raw material and energy costs, and the need to restore profitability for reinvestment.
The applicable credit amount and the applicable exclusion amount are periodically increased over a nine-year period, maximizing in 2006 at $345,800 and $1 million, respectively.
As Chairman Leach noted in his letter of invitation, consumer delinquencies on nonmortgage debt have increased in recent periods, and bankruptcy filings could well exceed I million in 1996.
Nor would a casual reader find much evidence of increased selectivity in the funding of big science projects -- an action deemed necessary by a 1990 Congressional Research Service report in order to avoid drastic, across-the-board cuts in R&D support (SN: 12/15/90, p.
The prospect under the RBRVS system of pricing some customers out of the primary care market (absent a social safety net better than the one extant) is real, as is the likelihood that increased demand will absorb whatever idle capacity exists at the more invasive end of the medicap spectrum.

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