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1. the union of one substance with another, or with others, in a composite mass.
2. an unconscious defense mechanism in which a person figuratively ingests the psychic representation of another person, or parts of another person.
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1. Act or process of determining classification or nature of.
2. A sense of oneness, or psychic continuity with another person or group; one of the freudian defense mechanisms common to everyone, whereby anxiety regarding one's personal identity or worth is dissipated through the mechanism of perceiving oneself as having characteristics in common with a person in the public eye, or in childhood identifying with a more powerful person such as a parent.
Synonym(s): incorporation
[Mediev. L. identicus, fr. L. idem, the same, + facio, to make]
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Many of the manual's sections that involve supervisory risk-management-assessments during a BHC inspection have been revised to incorporate, or reference, the RFI/C (D) rating system.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standard 610-1990 does incorporate user needs: it defines software quality as the degree to which a system, component, or process meets specified requirements and meets customer or user needs and expectations (Schmidt, 2000).
The injection step allows one side to incorporate hinges, snaps, ribs, bosses, and other features.
Indeed, as a variety of new wireless communication applications become available across North America, technology officials at academic institutions are exploring all sorts of innovative ways to incorporate them into the telecommunications landscape.
SDLT and LTO Ultrium 2 media both incorporate new cartridge shells designed to withstand high-volume use in robotic libraries.
For example, in the traditional practice of Chinese medicine, the client generally seeks the services of a seventh-generation Chinese practitioner who may also wish to incorporate herbs, manipulation and other remedies for the treatment of a medical condition.
Whether you perform both types of exercises on the same day or incorporate some type of split routine through the course of the week, the total number of sets for each area should be very close to equivalent.
This flash increases as the mold wears from continued production, making it necessary to incorporate a deflashing process to bring the part into tolerance.
Revisions of the State Operations Manual for P325 and F371 are forthcoming, and will no doubt incorporate nutritional "best practice" guidelines to aid facilities in their provision of services.
The tooling designer can incorporate the draft, relief, blending and scaling factors to the product design.
Everyone from executives down to front-line workers using a scorecard would conduct their analysis and incorporate their feedback on paper.
Sections four and five incorporate the work of Sergey N.

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