incomplete protein

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in·com·plete pro·tein

(in'kŏm-plēt' prō'tēn)
A protein food that lacks one or more essential amino acids.
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incomplete protein

A protein lacking one or more of the essential amino acids.
See: amino acid, essential
See also: protein
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Instead, add a different incomplete protein to the meal - one slice of toast with humous, the other with peanut butter, for instance - and problem is solved.
We have, in the past, only been capable of incomplete protein characterization based on crude and mainly biological analytical methods, with in vivo studies being the gold standard for safety and efficacy.
This is generally referred to as an incomplete protein. However, this is a slight misnomer, because while the protein may be low in one or more IAA, it is a complete protein because it contains all the IAA.
Years ago, we thought you needed to combine incomplete protein foods at every meal to get complete proteins.
Hummus by itself is an incomplete protein, but served with rice or corn, you have a complete protein.
Milk (as well as bread) nicely complements the incomplete protein of the peanuts.

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