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Not coherent; disjointed; confused; denoting a lack of connectedness or organization of parts during verbal expression.
[L. in- neg. + co-haereo, pp. -haesus, to cling together, fr. haereo, to stick]
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Not coherent or understandable.
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coherent sources 

If light beams from two independent sources reach the same point in space, there is no fixed relationship between the phases of the two light beams and they will not combine to form interference effects. Such light waves are called incoherent. If, on the other hand, the two light beams are superimposed after reaching the same point by different paths but are both radiated from one point of a source, interference effects will be seen because the phase difference in the two beams is constant. The two virtual sources from which these two beams are apparently coming are called coherent sources and any rays in which there is a constant phase difference are called coherent rays. Prior to the advent of the laser, the only way in which one could obtain coherent rays was by dividing the light coming from a point source into two parts. See Young's experiment; holography; clinical maxwellian view system; optical coherence tomography.
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Wei et al., "In vivo cardiac diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging: quantification of normal perfusion and diffusion coefficients with intravoxel incoherent motion imaging," Investigative Radiology, vol.
In this sense, in order to investigate the semantic processing in children aged 19 and 24 months old, they used a paradigm of hearing sentences with coherent and incoherent endings at random (23).
Separation of diffusion and perfusion in intravoxel incoherent motion MR imaging.
that it entails the incoherent claim that an orant knows better than an
There are three specific characteristics of our proposed incoherent dictionary learning methods that distinguish them from prior methods.
Mr Malkani said: "Some bits of it are just misleading, or vague or completely incoherent and that is the worrying bit.
An incoherent pump field with the pumping rate A pumps the system from the lower level |2) to the upper level |4).
A threshold [T.sub.1] is set properly to distinguish the highly coherent columns from the incoherent columns as follows.
The lack of coordination and access to information, both within the executive branch, as well as in Congress, might contribute to the potentially contradictory and incoherent nature of US policy in Afghanistan and elsewhere, Corker added.
In thick layers this leads to so-called incoherent propagation of light if the thickness is larger than the correlation length [6], In thin layers, where thicknesses are in the range of light wavelengths, the propagation is still coherent, resulting in broad interference fringes, which are observed in measured spectral characteristics of thin-film solar cells [7,8].
A new report alleges that Carrie Fisher was drunk during a performance on a cruise ship where fans aboard captured videos of the "Star Wars" actress "trashed and incoherent."
Hollywood Incoherent: Narration in Seventies Cinema