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Not coherent; disjointed; confused; denoting a lack of connectedness or organization of parts during verbal expression.
[L. in- neg. + co-haereo, pp. -haesus, to cling together, fr. haereo, to stick]
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Not coherent or understandable.
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coherent sources 

If light beams from two independent sources reach the same point in space, there is no fixed relationship between the phases of the two light beams and they will not combine to form interference effects. Such light waves are called incoherent. If, on the other hand, the two light beams are superimposed after reaching the same point by different paths but are both radiated from one point of a source, interference effects will be seen because the phase difference in the two beams is constant. The two virtual sources from which these two beams are apparently coming are called coherent sources and any rays in which there is a constant phase difference are called coherent rays. Prior to the advent of the laser, the only way in which one could obtain coherent rays was by dividing the light coming from a point source into two parts. See Young's experiment; holography; clinical maxwellian view system; optical coherence tomography.
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On the other hand, there are authors who study anti-Americanism as the product of an ideological intentionality and try to unmask its supposed weaknesses and incoherencies.
Incoherencies between these dimensions could result in serious consequences, promoting another disinformation of researchers rather than a suitable improvement of knowledge.
What is essential is their relative dating; the philologist is thus content with a rough estimate and needs only to make sure that an older witness is not made to derive from a more recent one, at least not directly, because many chronological incoherencies can be resolved by alleging lost witnesses.
Naturally, these incoherencies need to be resolved one at a time, which is what Burrows appears to advocate.
This allowed me to explore her testimony in other ways than merely focusing on what I perceived as inconsistencies and incoherencies. My "new" knowledge led me to a much freer exploration of the text which now was demanding its own ways of being comprehended.
As she puts it, "[P]ointing out logical contradictions or incoherencies often does little to persuade or to dissuade.
Killeen goes on to discuss the incoherencies of Molyneux's The Case of Ireland Stated, where his insistence that the native Irish do not really exist, but have been subsumed by repeated English occupation, threatens the very sense of community fostered by the difference set up between the Catholics and the Protestants, and increases the Anglican sense of paranoia in relation to their neighbors, which most obviously manifests itself in the anti-Catholic penal laws.
Unwillingly and indirectly, they must give the rich peasant his due, but they do so in tales marked by incoherencies and contradictions.
A plaintiff demonstrates pretext by producing evidence of such weaknesses, implausibilities, inconsistencies, incoherencies, or contradictions in the employer's proffered legitimate reasons for its action that a reasonable factfinder could rationally find them unworthy of credence and hence infer that the employer did not act for the asserted non-discriminatory reasons.
While the scenes of the patios are loaded with creepy screams and incoherencies, during mass everyone seems quiet and the patients sing and pray with calm and devotion.
This allows for understanding apparent incoherencies of recalling the forgotten and remembered in the collective practices of Haitians.