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Le compte rendu du ministre du Commerce a permis de mettre en exergue "les incoherences qui caracterisent le fonctionnement de certaines filieres dont les produits sont eligibles a l'exportation", note le communique.
As he again unpacks this talk for some incoherences and especially for concealed allegiance to a regulatory Shakespeare, Worthen is largely benevolent in his skepticism, granting serious purposes to self-descriptions and analyses of the actors, though sometimes noting their interpretive vulnerabilities - for instance, that the "eclectic feel" of some of their justifications and performances reminds one of that in the new historicism.
That is, in attempting to project onto the expanding empire a variety of fantasies, numerous romantic writers involved themselves in a sequence of insoluble contradictions which surface in recurrent themes hitherto too often overlooked, or even dismissed as private incoherences.
Only a view of reality which lets reality speak in all its many aspects can avoid these incoherences.
We ought, Sedgwick feels, to use her reflections on sexual epistemology to look into such cultural dualisms as private and public, masculine and feminine, innocence and initiation, natural and artificial, the better to see how the incoherences within these oppositions make us the prey of discipline.