inclusion compound

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in·clu·sion com·pound

the mechanical trapping of small molecules within spaces between other molecules, for example, the inclusion of iodine molecules by starch molecules to form the well-known red-to-black "addition compound"
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gamma]cyclodextrin ([gamma]CD), which delivers hydrophobic chemicals, was used to make micro-particles of inclusion compounds that can be ingested by bacteriophagous nematodes, which do not distinguish these micro-particles from their food bacteria.
Szejtli, Industrial applications of cyclodextrins, in Inclusion Compounds, Vol.
In this study we have considered only the inclusion compounds in molar proportion 1:1 formed between one molecules of [beta]-CD and ones of PABA species abbreviated PABA1/[beta]-CD (A), PABA1/[beta]-CD (B), PABA2/[beta]-CD (A), PABA2/[beta]-CD (B), PABA3/[beta]-CD (A) and PABA3/[beta]-CD (B) (when molecule 1, 2 and 3 represent respectively neutral, anionic and cationic species of PABA).

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