incident to

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incident to

Managed care adjective Referring to non-physician services or supplies furnished as an integral but incidental, part of a physician's professional services in the course of diagnosing or treating an injury or illness, usually under a physician's direction. See Ancillary services.

in·ci·dent to

(in'si-dĕnt tū)
Term denoting when health care services are provided to a covered patient by allied health professionals (e.g., nurses, technicians, and other types of therapists) under the direct supervision of a physician.

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Q. Is it possible to get ADHD from suffering a traumatizing incident? lately, after the death of my Grandmother. I have been increasingly getting the symptoms of ADHD. I have suffered from some of the symptoms during my childhood, but now they are increasingly occurring. And I am finding it really hard to listen to Teachers, follow instructions and do coursework. Is it possible this was caused by the death of my grandmother?

A. I think you should look up depression. ADHD is something that does not “pop”, more reasonable to think is that you suffer from a slight depression. Check it out and see if it fits :

Q. Is the incidence of breast cancer growing everyday? I have a small lump in my breast. My friends suggested me to have a regular mammogram as a precautionary step. My friend’s family women are having it yearly. But I am confused…Why is the need to go for mammogram without any problem. I think routine medical check-up is sufficient. Is the incidence of breast cancer growing everyday?

A. NO….its not increasing. I had my breast cancer found in early stages, 6 month back. I was lucky. You know why—I had my mammogram done just by fear of having it in future. In order to avoid any I did and was very lucky as it was found and soon cured. Most female take it as precaution and you should too. Apart from mammogram you must have clinical breast examination.

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Again, officers should have training before they become involved in a critical incident to understand that it could become a major issue in their professional and personal lives for years.
The team can then develop probable scenarios, such as reacting to a virus outbreak or an unauthorized data modification, to illustrate possible impact of the incident to business-unit owners.
She quickly leaves and reports the incident to her immediate supervisor.
The Tax Court first noted that the parties stipulated, and the court agreed, that the 1989 settlement was incident to the divorce decree because it divided the marital property.
The IRS's current position, as set forth in a third TAM,(3) is that the Tax Court's decision in National Starch precludes the deductibility of costs incident to resisting a takeover attempt.
The article concludes with an argument favoring the deductibility of certain takeover-related expenses, particularly those incident to defending against a takeover attempt.
Consequently, the Supreme Court has recognized some exceptions: consent searches;(8) emergency searches;(9) motor vehicle searches;(10) inventory searches;(11) and searches incident to arrest.
BATF officials prefer not to use peer supporters who are located in the jurisdiction of critical incidents involving large numbers of agents because the peer supporters may be too severely affected themselves by the incident to be able to help their colleagues.
Indeed, when negotiators arrive at the scene of a critical incident to begin negotiations, they must remember that the subject is already in the midst of considerable internal turmoil.
Only recently have trends emerged from court decisions that provide law enforcement with guidance on what may be done with pagers seized incident to arrest.
Do the courts give locked containers greater constitutional protection than unlocked containers when determining the scope of searches incident to arrest?
The introduction of a gun served as a catalyst in moving each incident to violence.

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