incident ray

in·ci·dent ray

the ray that strikes the surface before reflection.
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One incident ray in the illuminating beam is shown (red line); it meets the stone at a point where the normal to the surface is oriented 0 degrees to the right of the vertical axis.
Waves are diffracted in all directions due to the law of diffraction--an angle between the incident ray and the edge ([[beta].
At point 1 and 2, rays are refracting and they appear from the incident ray, one reflected and another one refracted where both are with certain power carrier [3].
9(a) shows the total field distribution which consists of the incident ray and scattered rays from cylinders without reflected ray from ground.
However, SBR requires a huge calculation time for electrically large targets because the results converge only if the density of the incident ray tubes is greater than ten rays per wavelength [1] and because its calculation time is proportional to the number of incident ray tubes.
MODERNISED: Percy Shaw from The road studs use a built in solar powered LED that is automatically illuminated from dusk till dawn and is visible from up to 10 times further than a traditional cat's eye that contain 'retroreflectors' - optical devices that reflect light rays back along a path parallel to that of the incident ray.
To answer this question, we consider the angle between the incident ray and the reflected ray.
Asked about that notorious incident Ray said: "The only thing I was worried about was the reaction I was going to get back in Dublin for wearing the England jersey.
That something is seriously wrong should immediately be apparent from the fact that the incident ray enters the prism at one of its vertices, and that an isosceles triangle has one base angle equated with the angle of incidence, and the other with the angle of refraction.
The "plane of incidence" is that containing the unit normal vector from the surface of incidence and the direction of the incident ray.
In SBR, the density of incident ray tubes should be greater than ten ray tubes per wavelength to make results convergent [3].

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