incident management system

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in·ci·dent ma·nage·ment sys·tem

(in'si-dĕnt man'ăj-mĕnt sis'tĕm)
A nationally recognized system of unified command and control for dealing with mass casualties or disasters.

incident management system



A system designed to assist in the management and command of emergency operations such as natural disasters, civil disturbances, multiple casualty incidents, hazardous materials incidents, fires, and acts of terrorism. The key components to the system include finance, logistics, operations, and planning.
Synonym: incident command system
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Consolidating Human Services Agencies' Incident Management Systems
ConnDOT has awarded a series of contracts to install a fiber optics based freeway incident management system along a 56-mile section of the I-95 corridor, from the New York State line to Branford.
Authorities implemented the recently issued National Incident Management System and National Response Plan.
is representing NLC and the other local public interest groups on a special Department of Homeland Security (DHS) committee that is drafting a National Response System and National Incident Management System.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 3, 2016-City of Toronto selects DisasterLAN as crisis incident management system
Motorola's PremierOneTMplatform provides PWC with a future ready, enterprise-wide incident management system that streamlines 9-1-1 workflows and intelligently correlates voice, data and multimedia information so operators can speed decision making, enhance resource tracking and management while improving citizen and officer safety.
This edition has updated material on the National Incident Management System, National Response Plan, National Response Framework, and National Fire Protection Association Standard 1600; coverage of the World Trade Center Site litigation and effects on responders; more on post-traumatic stress disorder; expanded and updated material on the history, evolution, and challenges of the Federal Emergency Management Agency; new cases; and new chapters (some by additional authors) on quantifying legal risk, limited English proficient populations, how attorneys can work with emergency management, the role of the local government attorney in the aftermath of a disaster, ethics laws for public employees, and how the aftermath of 9/11 altered the country's views and the subsequent legal consequences.
The system is part of the National Incident Management System, which was developed so public safety responders from different regions of the country can work together under a uniform system during a large-scale disaster, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Web site.
Using the National Incident Management System (NIMS), it establishes standardized training, organization, and communications procedures for multi-jurisdictional interaction and clearly identifies authority and leadership responsibilities.
It directly supports multi-site, integrated security programs, allowing clients to access their incident management system from any computer anywhere in the world, using a standard Internet browser.

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