incident command system

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in·ci·dent com·mand sys·tem

(ICS) (in'si-dĕnt kŏ-mand' sis'tĕm)
A standardized but flexible disaster-management structure, mandated in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) (q.v.), for responding to mass-casualty incidents.
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Joel Coronel said the incident command system, an all-hazard management body composed of local agencies and private sector partners, 'has been filled up and all coordination and preparations have been completed.
This report describes use of an Incident Command System (ICS) to rapidly deploy a large-scale TB testing operation (1,806 persons tested in a single clinic within 24 hours) after 59 (29.
The draft was developed by international and national experts at the request of the host country with the OSCE Office's support on the basis of the technical parameters set by the OSPRI It complements the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan and aims to contribute to the improved performance of the incident command system in Kazakhstan's oil-rich regions.
The Center offers hands-on real-world workplace safety training in hazardous materials transportation, emergency response for hazardous materials, specialized rescue, mining and workplace safety, and training on the Incident Command System.
The playbook (a quick-reference product that includes compiled responses from all organizations) is an example of a product that was created in such a manner that it embodied the National Incident Command System and, at the same time, was specific to the MNBG-E.
These exercises were part of preparations for the company's migration in June from Major Incident Procedure (MIP) to an Incident Command System (ICS)-based CERP.
The purpose of this Incident Command System for Corrections (ICSC) Operations Manual is to identify standard operating procedures that can be employed in establishing command in a correctional setting at the line level and to provide a system for the effective management of personnel and resources to respond to the incident as it escalates.
This setup means that top-down command models are not appropriate; the Incident Command System (ICS) is far more suitable for the management of incidents involving multiple jurisdictions and levels of government.
Cagayan De Oro City The Incident Command System (ICS) of Surigao has declared the termination of the search and recovery operation for the ill-fated M/V Maharlika II effective 6:30 p.
During this five-daylong courses, the skills pertaining to Disaster Risk Management; Disaster Epidemiology and Patterns of Injury, Structural & Non Structural Components, Functional Collapse of Hospitals,Techno Industrial Disasters, Complex Emergencies, Epidemics & Emerging Infections, Mass Casualty Incident, Mass Gathering Medical Care, Principles of Disaster Medicines, Pre-hospital care, Triage, Hospital Incident Command System, Hospital Preparedness Planning, Emergency Department,
Emergency responders and the college's crisis management team practiced working together using the Incident Command System, a component of the National Incident Management System.
They present the basic care knowledge and skills needed to handle medical or trauma situations, covering safety issues, the Incident Command System, victim assessment, airway management, cardiac arrest, various medical emergencies and trauma, bandaging and immobilization, drug reactions, behavioral and mental illness emergencies, and transportation considerations.

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