incidence density

in·ci·dence den·si·ty

the person-time incidence rate.
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The pooled incidence density of VAP ranges from two to 16 episodes per 1000 days on ventilator.
The overall incidence density of uncommon Candida spp.
Asthma incidence density before hire was calculated by adding the number of adult-onset asthma diagnoses that occurred before hire and dividing by the sum of participants' years at risk before hire.
Incidence density of hospital acquired BSIs per 1000 patient-days and Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) per 1000 central line-days were calculated.
Four matched controls per case were selected by incidence density sampling, and rate ratios (RR) were estimated by conditional logistic regression.
The incidence density for the children who were caries-free at the beginning of the study was 35 new cases per 1000 person years with this highest incidence density found in children who were 3 years old.
8) CW13 = Craven Week under-13; GK16 = Grant Khomo under-16; AW18 = Academy Week under-18; CW18 = Craven Week under-18; M = match day; R = rest day; IID = injury incidence density (injuries/1 000 hours exposure).
Incidence density sampling was used to identify up to four control patients for each case patient.
We used incidence density sampling to randomly select 20 controls per case from among the noncases for a total of 9,220 controls (Richardson 2004).
The primary outcome was treatment incidence density per person-year.
NI incidence density rate was calculated as being the number of NI/patient days, and then multiplied by 1 000.