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Marc Shell explains that while the "rhetoric of the universalist position--'All human beings are siblings'--is beguiling," a position that embraces monogenesis but ignores the problem of incest is inconsistent, for "even in the entire world, the hypothesis of human monogenesis the belief that all men and women are descended in common from a single couple (Adam and Eve, say)--might mean that any and all sexual liaisons would be potentially incestuous and hence, teleologically speaking, also actually incestuous" (Shell 625, 641).
The Three Incestuous Sisters is a welcome addition to the adult picture-book genre
10) Indeed psychoanalysts interpreted girls' claims of sex with their fathers as proof of the strength of female adolescent Oedipal desire--and therefore its potential enactment--rather than as evidence of the pervasiveness of incestuous fantasy among children.
This incestuous information sharing is sometimes derided as creating an echo chamber effect.
I've seen too many results of inbreeding born from incestuous relationships, too many results of botched back-street terminations and too many results of rape born to very young, mentally retarded girls during my many years in social work.
She captures beautifully the emotions experienced in recalling an incestuous childhood, a lost love, a broken marriage and all the other disappointments of everyday life faced by Rose and Petie as well as life's joys and pleasures when shared with a friend.
Natural selection preserved this innate response, Westermarck argued, because it guards against incestuous couplings, which increase the odds of defective offspring.
Capital requirements, proper accounting for past-due loans and vigilance against incestuous lending has resulted in increasingly reliable numbers from the countries' financial institutions.
In 1983, he sued Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt over an obvious parody that depicted Falwell recalling a drunken, incestuous sexual encounter with his mother in an outhouse.
Our role is to hold them accountable for these incestuous relationships, because they are profiting from human rights abuses.
One Group's Conflicts" looks at the incestuous relationship between F.
Lifting the 10-per-cent rule would be a return to the "bad old days" of the 1980s when an incestuous relationship existed between government-funded charities and non-profits and government bureaucrats, he wrote in the Globe and Mail.