incertae sedis

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in·cer·tae se·dis

(in-ser'tē sē'dis),
Of uncertain or doubtful affiliation or doubtful position, said of organisms in taxonomic classifications.
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However, since no safe conclusion can be reached with morphological characters, we still maintain the genus as incertae sedis as proposed by Taiti & Ferrara (1991).
Order et Family incertae sedis Genus Karksiodus Ivanov & Marss, 2011
We explored the reasons at a deeper classification and discovered that four genera within phylum Firmicutes had significantly lower abundance in CF than that in AF, and 3 of them including Lachnospiracea incertae sedis, (phylum) Firmicutes and Ruminococcus were worth of noting because of their high relative abundance.
All reported 18S rRNA gene sequences from the taxonomic group "Canalipalpata incertae sedis" were manually aligned, and phylogenetic analysis was restricted to nucleotide positions that were unambiguously alignable in all sequences.
It was considered as Chelonii incertae sedis (Lapparent de Broin, 2001) and, more recently, referred to Tropidemys, "Pelobatochelys" being designate as a junior subjective synonym of this genus (Puntener et al., 2014).
And, there is no doubt but that an update will be needed--in the few months since our book went into production (in May of 2014) at least a half-dozen new species descriptions have appeared in the literature, combined molecular and morphological analyses have identified lineage connections between several sigmodontine rodents now simply regarded as incertae sedis, and highly refined geographic summaries of ranges have been detailed.
Bates, 1866 206 Symmachia tricolor Hewitson, 1867 207 Pirascca tyriotes (Godman & Salvin, 1878) 208 Panaropsis thyatira (Hewitson, [1853]) Tribe Helicopini Reuter 1897 209 Helicopis cupido (Linnaeus, 1758) * 210 Sarota chrysus (Stoll, 1781) 211 Sarota lasciva (Stichel, 1911) 212 Sarota gyas (Cramer, 1775) 213 Sarota miranda Brevignon, 1998 214 Anteros acheus (Stoll, 1781) 215 Anteros bracteata Hewitson, 1867 216 Anteros formosus (Cramer, 1777) 217 Calydna caieta Hewitson, 1854 * 218 Calydna candace Hewitson, 1859 * 219 Calydna catana Hewitson, 1859 * Tribe Incertae sedis 220 Emesis adelpha Le Cerf, 1958 221 Emesis aurimna (Boisduval, 1870) 222 Emesis castigata Stichel, 1910 223 Emesis cerea (Linnaeus, 1767) 224 Emesis condigna Stichel, 1925 225 Emesis cypria C.
Phaenochitonia Stichel, 1910 (Riodinidae: Symmachiini) contains 7 species distributed on Neotropics, and they are easily confounded with species of Comphotis (Incertae Sedis section) but can be distinguished by the presence of concealed androconial scales in the abdominal tergites of the males (an exclusive character of Symmachiini) and the Sc vein not fused with [R.sub.1] (Hall & Willmott 1996; Callaghan & Lamas 2004).
For example, indolelactic acid, which decreased 11.6-fold in arsenic-treated mice, positively correlates with the B9 family (p_Tenericutes;f_Erysipelotrichaceae), but negatively correlates with the B8 family (p_Firmicutes;f_Clostridiales Family XIII Incertae Sedis).
A total of 26 representative RFLP types were obtained from 173 fungal clones for original soil clone library, including Fungi incertae sedis (9 RFLP types, 109 clones, 63.0%), Ascomycota (13 RFLP types, 56 clones, 32.4%), and Basidiomycota (4 RFLP types, 8 clones, 4.6%).
Due to the fragmentary nature of the new material and paucity of knowledge of Palaeozoic scorpions the material is unidentifiable beyond Scorpiones incertae sedis. Close affinity to known Late Devonian and Early Carboniferous mesoscorpionine genera, particularly Pulmonoscorpius, is, however, probable.