incertae sedis

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in·cer·tae se·dis

(in-ser'tē sē'dis),
Of uncertain or doubtful affiliation or doubtful position, said of organisms in taxonomic classifications.
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Order et Family incertae sedis Genus Karksiodus Ivanov & Marss, 2011
It was reported that rumen Lachnospiracea incertae sedis functioned synergistically with Fibrobacter succinogenes in the fiber digestion [22].
Cytogenetic analysis in the incertae sedis species Astyanax altiparanae Garutti and Britzki, 2000 and Hyphessobrycon eques Steindachner, 1882 (Characiformes, Characidae) from the upper Parana river basin.
In fact, among six significantly perturbed Firmicutes families, one Firmicutes family significantly increased in abundance after arsenic exposure--p_Firmicutes; c_Clostridia;o_Clostridiales;f_ Clostridiales Family XIII Incertae Sedis, B8 in Figure 1B, with a +2.
Due to the fragmentary nature of the new material and paucity of knowledge of Palaeozoic scorpions the material is unidentifiable beyond Scorpiones incertae sedis.
Recently Bartlett (2009), in the revision of New World Stenocraniidae, did not include it, commenting that this species would best be treated as incertae sedis until the male was located.
This species was one of several treated as incertae sedis (Schuh, 2001), formerly placed in Microphylellus and not congeneric with P.
ahsanuli are uncertain and they are all placed incertae sedis within the Typhlopidae until the type material can be examined.
syringae and incertae sedis, which is Latin for uncertain placement.
Arthoniaceae Crustaceo Apotecios Auriculora incertae sedis Crustaceo Apotecios byssomorpha Bacidina sp.