incentive pay system

in·cen·tive pay sys·tem

(in-sen'tiv pā sis'tĕm)
System whereby medical transcriptionists are paid based on how much they produce in addition to meeting quality requirements.
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Incentive pay systems will become more widespread in hospitals as their administrators and managers seek ways to improve organizational performance on many fronts.
By seamlessly integrating with existing clocks and infrastructure, and automating C&S' entire incentive pay system without impacting employees, ERM 3.
From this exhibit it is obvious that incentive pay systems have a positive effect on productivity, costs, employee morale and supervisory effectiveness.
The benefits of incentive pay systems as a method to motivate employees, to increase productivity and to reduce costs can certainly be helpful in regaining global competitiveness.
Five papers and Blinder's introduction offer insight by leading academics into a variety of incentive pay systems and data on the effect such systems have on worker productivity.
This discussion provides the reader with a solid background into the range of available incentive pay systems.
Bennett was educated at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland and has pursued professional studies in human resources development, designing and managing incentive pay systems, strategic long-term planning, sales and marketing management.
Nationwide, about three-fourths of the workers were employed under incentive pay systems, typically individual piece rates.
According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of wood household furniture plants in June 1986, incentive pay systems bolstered workers' earnings.
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