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incensing (inˑ·sen·sing),

n in Curanderismo, the Mexican-American healing system, purification ritual performed to treat businesses, farms, and homes by praying and walking through building with a pan filled with smoking incense. Every corner of the structure is filled with the incense to bring peace and remove bad luck. Also called
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The large number of applications received in INCENSe s second call highlights the attractiveness of Enel s open innovation initiatives to the world of startups, said Enel s Head of Innovation and Sustainability Ernesto Ciorra.
However there are fears that incense commonly used in religious services may fall under the provisions of the Bill.
Many theories have been put forth about why Christians-and before them, Jews--started using incense as part of their religious practice.
Its decline began long ago, when early Christian leaders condemned the use of incense as a pagan tradition, but modern globalization has conspired to undermine the trade further.
On being alerted that a store specialised in the sale of perfumes and incense was counterfeiting some varieties in a residential flat, inspectors conducted an investigation to make sure that the flat was being used by the store and monitored activities there.
He follows incense through Tuareg weddings, Indian taxis, the Israelites' temple and the modern home.
Frankincense--the incense traditionally burned in religious ceremonies--can cause coughing fits in people with respiratory problems and force them out of church to seek fresh air.
Most had used incense daily for at least 20 years, typically keeping it burning intermittently throughout the day.
com site also tries to entice people into buying multiple drugs - by offering a free 1g of herbal incense with every order over PS40.
The use of incense in Chinese civilisation goes back a long way, giving birth to a rich incense culture along with a great variety of instruments for incense burning.
The Georgia Department of Public Health in August warned state residents to beware of potentially lethal chemicals in herbal incense sold in convenience stores and smoke shops.