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incensing (inˑ·sen·sing),

n in Curanderismo, the Mexican-American healing system, purification ritual performed to treat businesses, farms, and homes by praying and walking through building with a pan filled with smoking incense. Every corner of the structure is filled with the incense to bring peace and remove bad luck. Also called
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We observed whether the household had a habit of burning incense from the question "Does your household have the habit of burning incense for religious purposes?
In a letter to the Home Affairs Committee, the Association of English Cathedrals warned: "We wish to express our concern that the term 'psychoactive substances' in the Psychoactive Substances Bill can be interpreted so broadly that it risks criminalising the use of incense in cathedrals, churches and other places of worship as, we assume, an unintended consequence of the Bill's drafting.
Incense is a perfect example of this; it reminds a congregation that the entire world is sacred.
Local producers and sellers of traditional incense, such as Raheem, have been struggling to compete ever since the arrival of these cheaper alternatives.
As Qur'anic passages were recited from prominently placed platforms, incense would burn and drift across the open space of the prayer hall.
She discovered a hypoallergenic brand of incense called Trinity that church supply companies sell online.
It has a similar two-for-one offer on Bliss herbal incense.
When ingested or inhaled, the substance, which is sold as incense or "bath salts," caused at least eight patients to require hospitalization in southeast Georgia, and some were on life support, the department said in an Aug.
The warning is the outcome of a study released in August, which analysed pollutants from two kinds of typical incense -- oud and bakhoor -- used in homes in the UAE.
The finest incense It has been agreed since ancient times that the finest incense, frankincense, came from the Dhofar province of Southern Oman.
HPC POS Systems Corp (OTC:HPCS), a manufacturer and distributor of high quality incense and oils (dba House of Mohan Corporation), announced on Wednesday that it has secured three 20 foot containers and one 40 foot container in purchase orders from four of its large east coast distributors.
Featuring unique and exquisite shapes and designs, Mabkhara is a traditional Arab incense burner, an authentic object typically used as daily domestic activities in the Arab world.