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 (In) [in´de-um]
a chemical element, atomic number 49, atomic weight 114.82. (See Appendix 6.)
indium 111 an artificial isotope of indium, having a half-life of 2.81 days and emitting gamma rays; it is used as a radioactive tracer in nuclear medicine.
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Symbol for indium (preceding superscript number indicates an isotope); inulin.
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Intraepithelial neoplasia, see these.
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1. Symbol for indium
2. Abbreviation for inulin
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It "stands in the way," inasmuch as the good works it prescribes, when rewarded with praise from the worshipping community, tend, almost inevitably, to divert one into boastful collusion with the corporate boastfulness of that community.
These latter, on the whole, argue a close convergence of national family-formation trends inasmuch as the rise of women's education has brought about women's consequent greater inclination to work gainfully rather than exclusively within the family at childbearing and -rearing, and offer predictions about the propensity of women (of different educational levels, and hence potential earnings), over their life-courses, to cohabit, marry, and give birth.
"Our philosophy is that earning the Job Advantage certificate will encourage employees to stay in the health care profession, inasmuch as he or she will have the necessary skills to enter a technical training program that might lead to a higher paying position," explains Ruthann Phillips, Branch Manager for Workplace Essential Skills for the Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy.
Colin Powell: Highly regarded by the Republican guard (unfortunately in Iraq), General Powell has unquestioned integrity, inasmuch as it has never been questioned.
Inasmuch as the issues he grappled with--separatism vs.
It was written using Chinese characters to represent Japanese sounds, inasmuch as no native means of recording Japan's spoken language had yet been devised.
It was not historical inasmuch as it voided the two millennia of non-Jewish settlement in Palestine and the two millennia of Jewish settlement outside it.
There is every reason to believe that we now have more comparable longitudinal data, at least through 1987 (inasmuch as the 1988 numbers are themselves subject to later revision).
And this response, initially, is taking the form of the '07 Jeep Compass, a compact SUV that, yes, is a crossover vehicle, inasmuch as it shares its underpinnings with the Dodge Caliber (, which is the first of three products that will be based on that platform, with the third being the Jeep Patriot, which will debut in the closing portion of '06.
Inasmuch as one has the right to embrace and observe the truth (and not be coerced against one's will and conscience; see c.
Already at the exhibition of the Prix de Rome submissions at the GEM Museum of Contemporary Art in The Hague, the group's integrity was broken up inasmuch as it was presented in a hallway where paths had to be maintained for visitors.
While detecting an anti-magical implication in the doctrine of a hidden God promulgated by the Protestant theologians, inasmuch as they "denied that created nature had any kind of implanted sacredness or effective power" (329), he could just as readily have pointed up how the s ame theory could have been utilized to help justify magic by identifying the dark cloud enveloping the Godhead with the occult realm of the magicians.