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Not apparent; beneath the threshold of clinical recognition, as an inapparent infection.


not clearly seen.

inapparent infection
infection without clinical signs.
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Schmallenberg virus infection is often mild or clinically inapparent in adult animals and leads only to a short viremic period of [approximately equal to]4-5 days (1).
0 mm, but histologically inapparent foci demonstrated by IHC staining and isolated keratin-positive cells may also be classified as micrometastases.
Although cholera gravis is a devastating disease, studies in the early 1970s suggested that such severe cases accounted for only 11% of total infections among persons infected with strains of the classical biotype (responsible for the sixth cholera pandemic); 59% of infections were asymptomatic or inapparent, and the remainder represented illness of mild to moderate severity.
Transmission also can occur through inapparent percutaneous exposure, such as person-to-person transfer of infectious body fluids from skin lesions.
The mild, inapparent infections among persons who have been previously vaccinated should not produce the sequelae associated with chronic HBV infection and should provide lasting immunity.
Two hypotheses have been proposed: clinically mild disease or inapparent infections might result from differences in the nature of exposure (e.
First, it may provide protection to persons with inapparent exposures to rabies.
Clinical manifestations range from inapparent infection to severe meningoencephalomyelitis in humans.
Nicolle's many accomplishments include the discovery that epidemic typhus is transmitted by body lice (Pediculus humanis corporis), discovery of the phenomenon of inapparent infection, and possibly the first isolation of human influenza virus after experimental transmission.
Because the infections caused only mild disease or remained even clinically inapparent in some animals, especially cattle, underreporting is likely and the case-fatality rate in cattle may be slightly overestimated.
Determinants of inapparent and symptomatic dengue infection in a prospective study of primary school children in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand.
Epidemiology of inapparent and symptomatic acute dengue virus infection: a prospective study of primary school children in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand.