inadequate stimulus

sub·thresh·old stim·u·lus

a stimulus too weak to evoke a response.
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in·ad·e·quate stim·u·lus

(in-ad'ĕ-kwăt stim'yū-lŭs)
A stimulus too weak to evoke a response.
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Presumably he would also say the stagnation of the 1930s was the result of inadequate stimulus, even though Hoover increased the burden of spending by about 50 percent in just four years and Roosevelt then doubled the budget in the next eight years.
In addition to inadequate stimulus, many economists believe Japan's liquidity trap was prolonged by its failure to address problems in its financial system after its financial crash.
In theory at least, the three crosses with their burdens should provide an emotional and meditational focus but I found, as I often do, that a modern, well-nourished man lounging slackly on the cross supplied an inadequate stimulus to compassionate response.