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Sedentary activity Internal medicine An absence of physical activity and/or exercise, a predictor of obesity. See Couch potato. Physical activity, Vigorous exercise

Patient discussion about inactivity

Q. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity? what may be the good effect of activity and adverse effect of inactivity on the person’s health. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity?

A. being lazy affect every aspect and every system in our body. from the central nervous system to kidney and urinary system. obesity is caused most of the times due to laziness, and that leads to heart, musculo-skeletal problems and even cancer.

Q. Can prolonged inactivity increase lithium levels? Have noted increased tremors, blurred vision, poor coordination and muscle weakness.

A. BeansMom - what you describe does sounds like an overdose of lithium! this is an emergency and you should go to a hospital! drink more fluids and go o the hospital!
i'm not sure what you mean about inactivity, you mean physical activity? i know that if you change the amount of salt in your diet that can cause change of lithium amount in your blood.

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When the inactivity of the DC was exposed by cartoonist Bala, through a cartoon showing these authorities naked protecting themselves while watching the family burn, it provoked them.
Inactivity will slow down circulation, increase blood fat and raise blood sugar levels.
2 Employment rates Inactivity rates Output Prices 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Input Prices Scotland's private sector experienced a downturn at the start of the third quarter, with output returning to contraction territory.
Our study has shown that the economic burden of physical inactivity is distributed unequally across regions, and disproportionately, with high-income countries bearing a larger proportion of economic burden and low- and middle-income countries having a larger proportion of the disease burden," said study lead author Melody Ding, PhD, a senior research fellow at the University of Sydney in Australia, in a news release.
These recommendations do not exclude the physician or other health care providers from the management of physical activity; rather it emphasises that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to reduce physical inactivity.
To conclude, physical inactivity has emerged as a global pandemic and plays a significant role in the onset of diabetes.
The physical inactivity as "physical activity levels less than those required for optimal health and prevention of premature death" (ACSM's, 2010).
com/series/physical-activity--including an analytical appraisal to quantify the effects of inactivity on major diseases.
On the previous year economic inactivity in Wales is down 21,000 and unemployment 19,000.
In England, smoking, excessive drinking and physical inactivity cause too many deaths and too much disease," said deputy chief executive and director of health and social care at NICE, Professor Gillian Leng.
Scotland's former chief medical officer has already warned that physical inactivity is the fourth biggest killer.
All movement and inactivity contributes to what Bowman calls a load profile.