inactive tuberculosis

in·ac·tive tu·ber·cu·lo·sis

a fibrous or nodular area of previously active tuberculosis that has regressed, with the lesion having remained stable for a long period; can be calcified; reactivation is possible.
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Oh reportedly suffered from a variety of ailments in addition to gunshot wounds, including two types of roundworms, hepatitis B and inactive tuberculosis. The man was also suffering nightmares he would be sent back to North Korea, his doctor said.
[11] Nawalet al also reported inactive tuberculosis as the most frequent underlying diagnosis of haemoptysis.
Turgut et al, [23] who reported that mean serum IL-2 levels are higher in patients with active tuberculosis than in patients with inactive tuberculosis or in healthy controls, but these values decline with therapy to the levels similar to those displayed by the inactive tuberculosis and control groups after treatment of six months.
Research on the role of steroid therapy in precipitating tuberculosis is limited.7 Aggravation of infections is a known side effect of steroids.7 Some maintain that steroid therapy might cause exacerbation of active or apparently inactive tuberculosis while others conclude that steroid treatment has negligible influence on the incidence of tuberculosis.8
LV originates from inactive tuberculosis focus in the body and spreads by hematogenous or lymphatic way and by direct or exogenous inoculation.
IFN-gama and IL-12 are increased in active compared with inactive tuberculosis. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 1997;155(3):1135-9.
Effect of isoniazid upon the reactivation of inactive tuberculosis; final report.
OTTAWA -- Auditor General Sheila Fraser expressed concern in her Status Report to Parliament that the Department of Citizenship and Immigration about the surveillance of refugee applicants who have been diagnosed with inactive tuberculosis or syphilis.
Oh reportedly ( had two types of roundworms - one almost a foot long - as well as hepatitis B and inactive tuberculosis, according to the Korean Biomedical Review.
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