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Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Spastic pseuodoparalysis, subacute spongiform encephalopathy Neurology An invariably fatal, kuru-like infection which causes a form of presenile dementia primarily affecting middle-aged adults, caused by an aberrant protein, a prion Clinical 2-4 yrs after exposure → pyramidal tract disease with Babinski sign, nervousness, loss of facial expression; cerebellar dysfunction with ataxia, myoclonus, unsteady gait; basal ganglia involvement is manifest by rigidity, bradykinesia, intention tremor, dystonic postures, choreoathetosis, muscle spasms, imbalance, dementia Prognosis No treatment, no cure; CJD progresses rapidly to coma and death in 3 to 12 months. See Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Kuru, Prion, Scrapie.
Creutzfeld-Jakob disease agent–disinfection
Inactivated by autoclaving for 1 hour at 132ºC and 20 psi, 5% hypochlorite, and 0.03% permanganate solutions. Instruments 0.1 N sodium hydroxide for 2 hours; 5% bleach–NaOCl for 4 hours; all surfaces should be scrubbed with iodine or phenol-based detergents
NOT inactivated by boiling, 10% formalin, 70% alcohol, UV light  
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The Air Force leadership did not favor Tactical Air Command and Military Airlift Command over Strategic Air Command, so it inactivated all three of them.
Inactivation was confirmed by inoculating inactivated virus into embryonated eggs up to three consecutive passages.
Again, Gallup found dramatic differences between activated and inactivated program participants when measuring consumers' perceived quality of their primary program compared to all others.
In tests targeting the hepatitis A virus, Kingsley and coinvestigators determined that the same pressure treatment of 60,000 psi for 5 minutes inactivated 99.9 percent of the virus that had been bioconcentrated by oysters in laboratory tanks.
Standard dose inactivated trivalent influenza vaccines contain a total of 45 [micro]g (15 [micro]g of each of the three recommended strains) of influenza virus hemagglutinin antigen per 0.5mL dose (5).
A heat treatment at 121 C for 30 minutes completely inactivated the action of the chive extract.
(Calgary, Canada) has been granted United States Patent 7,300,650 entitled "Reovirus for the Treatment of Neoplasia." The claims describe methods of using the reovirus to treat cancers that have inactivated PKR, whether the PKR is inactivated by mutation of Ras or by other factors.
Live, inhaled flu vaccine may protect children better than inactivated flu shots, a recent study shows.
Both available vaccines (inactivated and live attenuated) are recommended for eligible persons as appropriate, with inactivated vaccines preferred for high-risk groups.
WASHINGTON -- The total number of doses of inactivated influenza vaccine available for the 2005-2006 season won't be known until August at the earliest.
But black-market vaccines can contain viruses that have not been properly inactivated, and may spur the evolution of even more dangerous strains.