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To destroy the biologic activity or the effects of an agent or substance, as the activity of complement is destroyed when serum is heated.


To destroy the biologic activity or the effects of an agent or substance.


To destroy the biologic activity or the effects of an agent.


v to render inactive; to destroy the activity of.
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Because of the extreme pressure stability of some food-quality enzymes, it might be necessary to use combined processes (pressure and temperature) to inactivate enzymes at industrially relevant pressures.
Abstract #317 discusses the use of the INTERCEPT platelet system to inactivate pathogens in donor platelets during a recent epidemic of the Chikungunya virus.
Anergen, headquartered in Redwood City, is developing therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases using proprietary biopharmaceutical compounds that are designed to inactivate or anergize the specific T cells in the immune system responsible for each disease.
During last week's ISBT congress in Cape Town, South Africa, Cerus presented data (Abstract 5PS-3402) from ongoing studies on the INTERCEPT system's ability to inactivate pathogens in red blood cells using its modified S-303 treatment process.
Studies on the INTERCEPT system's inactivation of emerging pathogens include inactivation of an emerging West Nile Virus strain in South France (Abstract P-367) and the INTERCEPT system's ability to inactivate Trypanosome cruzi, or Chagas disease, which has been transmitted via platelet transfusions in at least six cases in the United States and Canada (Abstract P-368).
In the 1960s, geneticists discovered that female mammalian embryos randomly inactivate one of their X chromosomes.
Until now, scientists had to 'fix' or inactivate such nanoparticles to see below the 200 nm threshold using electron microscopy, which precluded observing real-time processes.
To thwart this death spiral, infectious disease specialists and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are working to develop compounds to sop up or inactivate bits of partially destroyed bacteria that can keep the body battling and already eradicated infection.
Making matters more complicated, a single imprinting gene may inactivate several different genes, including a wide variety of cancer-suppressor genes, says Sapienza.
It means that if one is to make a vaccine, you have to inactivate the function of the envelope protein that kills the cells," says Garry.
The system inactivates plasma and platelets using the same illumination device, process and active compound.
In the test tube, bergamottin inactivates cytochrome P450 3A4, a digestive enzyme that metabolizes many drugs, ranging from antihistamines to medications for high blood pressure (SN: 5/24/97, p.