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are inaccessibly confined in his unconscious, as well as those which his
What used to be stored inaccessibly is now stored digitally and is thus in principle readily available.
This emerald-rich and peso-poor little village nestled inaccessibly in the Andes Mountains some 150 miles north of Bogota has peace.
In a widely publicized book,(3) Nicholson Baker points out that original paper documents may be destroyed or warehoused inaccessibly by librarians after reproduction, a legitimate concern, but one little different from issues about microfilm.
It always has a narrative dimension: the stories we tell about it-the reports, descriptions and confessions--or keep secretly, inaccessibly even, in the recesses of our mind.
The California Endowment, whose mission is to expand access to healthcare for underserved Californians, was situated inaccessibly in a corporate park in Woodland Hills, an hour from downtown Los Angeles.
But in contemporary urban social reality, black male "space" is sequestered ever more harshly and inaccessibly through a combination of surveillance and policing in the 'hood and monitoring and eviction in the mall (Davis, 149; Dumm, 189).
Second, women operate in cyberspace highly inaccessibly, with their names, gender, and other identifying personal traits obscured, their messages encrypted or protected, and their bodies shielded from view.(57) They do not enjoy perfect privacy, of course, nor would they want to.
The scenario is typical of many classrooms: one lonely TV/monitor hangs inaccessibly from the ceiling, hardwired to a VCR elsewhere in the room.
Unlike modern timekeeping instruments that often sit inaccessibly inside sealed plastic housings, Stabroek's clock comes apart and is reassembled with the turn of large steel screws and threaded nuts, exposed connections that make possible a multitude of repairs long into the future.
These ends are not projected onto the world, but neither are they features of a world inaccessibly separated from us.