in-service education

in-ser·vice ed·u·ca·tion

(in-sĕrvis edyū-kāshŭn)
Training provided on premises by any type of health care facility to its staff.
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The Hygiene Specialist Program includes training components such as best practices for effective infection prevention, in-service education and effective hygiene management in patient rooms and all other areas of the hospital.
All schools must open for 190 days a year, but as a teacher, your statutory conditions of service will require you to work an additional five days, which will be devoted to in-service education and training.
In-service education is in fact said to the kind of training that is done after the employment of individuals in institution or organization in order to prepare individuals for optimized performance of staff job duties and responsibilities, promotion of the performance of staff and organization by cutting the present defects in their performance [18].
Hidden dimensions in the professional development of mathematics teachers; in-service education for and with teachers.
Before 1996, for example, the advanced diploma midwives and obstetric doctor team in KZN rural hospitals had full authority to evaluate the care given to mothers in all clinics in their district, provide in-service education to correct defects, improve management protocols, and provide full feed-back on all referrals.
More than 80 percent of NZNO members choose in-service education to complete their professional development requirements, with around half dung other commitments, the costs and difficulties taking time off work as barriers to completing these requirements.
MedEmerg will conduct baseline assessments of team effectiveness, team development in-service education sessions, and follow-up assessments of team effectiveness to 39 clinical units in 25 hospitals.
The Learning Network for Senior Services has been providing In-Service Education and Continuing Education certified courses to long-term care facilities for nearly 10 years.
There needs to be an assessment of how effective each plan of in-service education is.
This program provides in-service education in conjunction with a school's ongoing reform effort.
An in-service education program for all nurses and medical house staff involved in resident care.
Staff orientation and in-service education on the impact of high-risk perinatal conditions on families;

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