in-service education

in-ser·vice ed·u·ca·tion

(in-sĕrvis edyū-kāshŭn)
Training provided on premises by any type of health care facility to its staff.
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After making this correction, the DepEd will need to redesign its in-service education (and not only training) for teachers, revise the basic curricula for learners, produce new materials in the required languages and develop new assessment tools for the classroom.
The British Council introduced the award to recognise and celebrate the contribution of individuals involved in in-service education of teachers to develop the quality of classroom teaching in Punjab.
When faced with the challenge into where residents are immerged--managing relationships of their in-service education that qualify their work in SUS--, AIPP provided a powerful meeting to transform practices.
Agricultural education teachers have been willing to learn and have requested in-service education to improve the quality of their teaching.
All too often, school district teacher in-service education programs do not adequately train classroom teachers in how to meet the needs of gifted and talented students in the regular classroom curriculums.
Clause 48 (In-Service Education and Training) in the Opal Aged Care (NSW) Enterprise Agreement 2016 provides the answer.
Carmen has an education background and outlined the interdepartmental in-service education programme for nurses created to provide specialised knowledge to the ward staff caring for the same cohort of patients, after various knowledge gaps were identified.
It is an in-service education through the reception of multidisciplinary residents and trainees enabling the maintenance of continuing education in the actions performed by the team, integrating residents and trainees in the team's actions to propose and discuss the institutional and work processes, also triggering some reflections on research that qualifies training.
Ireland and Wall present a textbook on medical editing that can be used in community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, proprietary institutions, hospital in-service education, and medical transcription service organizations.
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