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For live imaging of Egr3 expression in mouse oocytes, full-length and truncated Egr3 cRNAs were produced by in vitro transcription using mMessage mMachine T7 transcription kit (Ambion, Austin, TX, USA).
Based on labeling technique, the market is segmented into PCR, nick translation, random primer, in vitro transcription, reverse transcription, and end labeling.
These seven articles explain the implications of folding behavior in proteins, including the folding and self-assembly process itself and conformational switches, protein-to-protein interactions in terms of structural principle as well as the stability and kinetics of association, understanding why and when proteins do not fold, in vitro transcription and translation systems in protein expression and folding, protein structure prediction and molecular forces, recurrence quantification as a signal analysis approach to the study of protein sequences and structure, and the fundamentals of electrostatics.
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