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Abbreviation for Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.


n a thing done; an event or a circumstance; an actual occurrence.
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But the terrorstricken child seems not to be aware of these details, and in fact they are entirely beside the point.
In El Paso and other places, in fact, reports of Border Patrol abuses are so widespread that a recent Americas Watch study compared human-rights violations on the U.
In fact, his investigation should win an award for fine reporting.
In fact, Sonic sells 18 million gallons (or more than 165 million pounds) of vanilla soft serve every year.
I'm fearful that people will look at this as a way to try to get in to resolve the welfare problem and may not in fact have a true debilitating disability,'' said Terrance O'Reilly, acting assistant INS commissioner for naturalization.
Two contact center locations and eleven face-to-face sites throughout Argentina have been certified to the COPC-2000(R) Standard, in fact, CTI Movil represents the first company worldwide to achieve certification on face-to-face locations.
So big, in fact, that revenues from studio-licensed dolls, toys, games, books, computer software and Halloween costumes can be critical to a movie's bottom line.
In fact, storing personal information on a computer can be just as risky unless data is protected via security software featuring 128-bit encryption, such as Passwords Plus.
Nobody wants to say that, in fact, we don't want to support programs and facilities from which the San Fernando Valley does not benefit.
ACT was created because I wanted to do better character animation - the best character animation ever in fact," notes Mark Snoswell, President of cgCharacter.