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an amount more than is normal or necessary.
fluid volume excess excess fluid volume.


That which is more than the usual or specified amount.


/ex·cess/ (ek´ses) a surplus, an amount greater than that which is normal or that which is required.
antigen excess  the presence of more than enough antigen to saturate all available antibody binding sites.


an amount more than is normal or necessary.


(XS) (ek'ses)
That which is more than the usual or specified amount.


n more than is necessary, useful, or specified.
excess, marginal,
n a condition in which the restorative material extends beyond the prepared cavity margin.
excess overhang,
n a gingival margin excess.

Patient discussion about excess

Q. what do we need to do to burn excess fat from the body? Can anyone suggest particular exercise for burning excess fat from the body? and how to make six bag abs?

A. doing regular work outs and having a balanced nutrition will help your muscles to develop. muscles get bigger after they have been used repetitively over a certain period of time. that meant they will burn more energy while working and even while resting. then your fat layer will shrink over the time.

Q. What diet should I take on to reduce this excessive wrinkling? I am 34 and my skin looks much older. My facial skin is sagging. It is also very dry and dull. My face glow has reduced. Couple of years back I was healthy and I had a glowing skin and a very bright face. I have used some of the cosmetics but in vain and it exceeds my budget too. So I thought to try for good diet pattern to support my skin clarity. What diet should I take on to reduce this excessive wrinkling?

A. recovering damaged skin and collagen is not likely...sorry..but you can avoid more damage by doing a very simple thing- USE SUNBLOCK!!!
the most damaging thing to our skin is sun radiation. all those creams that supposedly protect your skin and revitalizing it- are much less affective then just using simple sun block.

Q. My child loves spinach and demands them a lot I wanted to know is there any problem to have them in excess?

A. HELL NO! REWARD THE HELL OUT OF HIM FOR EATING IT! You may also want to tweak it further by introducing him to other healthy dark green leafys like collards, kale, red Swiss chard which he might think is cool to look at; its actually similar in taste to spinach just less bitter! Good for you!

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Some courts hold that an insurance company cannot be relieved of its duty to settle even if the only settlement demand is made by the plaintiff in excess of policy limits.
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SML currently works with more than 700 employee benefit clients and over 3,000 individual life insurance clients with total coverage in excess of two billion dollars.
Fitch expects AmerUs to meet management's guidance for profitability as measured by GAAP ROE of 12%, adjusted debt-to-total capital below 25%, and NAIC risk-based capital in excess of 300% of the company action level.
I-ReadMammo incorporates many time-saving features that may seem small to people outside of the industry, but have a large impact on specialists who are expected to read in excess of 100 cases per day," added Cannistraro.
They expect to write in excess of $150 million in 2005.
operations in John Hancock USA, formerly ManUSA, as well as the amalgamation of a John Hancock Canadian subsidiary, was very strong at 213% and in excess of Fitch's 'AA+' ratings expectations, as well as MFC's targets.
157 entrants from around the world - 110 online qualifiers and 47 $5,100 buy-ins - descended on the island to bask in the sun and battle for an exciting prize pool in excess of $750,000.