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Lowest; the most inferior or caudal of several similar structures.
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For many moons I have urged Howard Kurtz to cover the recurring media scandal known as "Imus in the Morning" in his Washington Post column.
MSNBC, whose Imus simulcast was a profitable venture, shifted evening host Joe Scarborough to its morning slot and hopes CBS will put him on the radio.
Soon Imus, the man, became Imus, the era, which was most defined by a haphazard series of debates that has changed the way we talk about race--at least for now.
Because the Duke boys and Imus are white, they received major media attention.
Imus said; it was racist and it was sexist." The Reverend Al Sharpton demanded that Imus be booted off the air with "the shoes of justice," and for an entire week the news media delighted in the spectacle of Imus's humiliation and disgrace--bigger headlines in the New York Post than those awarded to the war in Iraq, cover stories in Time and Newsweek, television cameras following the penitent iconoclast into the confession booth on The Today Show.
That is what dominates most of the television news programs you watch--from the 24-hour cable news networks to the celebrity-driven pseudo-news programs to the newsweeklies such as People, Us Weekly, Star, and the National Enquirer to the countless Internet news and gossip blogs that could not get enough of Imus and Smith and Baldwin.
It was very interesting to sit back and listen to the firestorm of reaction regarding Don Imus' inexcusable, idiotic comments.
Compounded by the fact that major advertisers yanked their sponsorship from Imus's radio show, I imagine it became much more difficult for these media executives to reconcile Imus's words with the images of these student-athletes, who were aspiring doctors and lawyers; who had been class valedictorians; who were maintaining impressive GPAs all while playing college basketball.
I believe Imus' initial two-week suspension was justified, and termination was not.
A new USA Today/Gallup poll finds only one in five Americans holding a favorable opinion of Imus in the wake of this controversy, while half of Americans have an unfavorable opinion.
But they swung the axe as a storm grew, with presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton - who Imus once described as "that buck-toothed witch Satan" - and Barack Obama weighing in to the debate.
The retailer recently stopped carrying Imus' salsa and coffee because of poor sales, she added.