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Relating to or actuated by an impulse, rather than controlled by reason or careful deliberation.
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1. Inclined to act on impulse rather than thought.
2. Motivated by or resulting from impulse.

im·pul′sive·ness, im′pul·siv′i·ty n.
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Relating to or actuated by an impulse, rather than controlled by reason or careful deliberation.
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Patient discussion about impulsive

Q. Daughter's impulsivity is reduced to a great extent from those days when she used to be without medicines. My daughter was very impulsive before taking her medicines. Her impulsivity is reduced to a great extent from those days when she used to be without medicines and had a very high impulsive behavior. Now I have asked the doctor to take off the medicines as she is going well. But the doctor said that he cannot stop the medicines suddenly as it will have adverse effects in my daughter. What may be the reason? My daughter is well without medicines. This is causing me great confusion.

A. I certainly agree with goodday222. Your daughter's impulsive behavior may not be displayed because she is continuing to take the meds to control it. I do not think the meds your daughter is taking would fix the impulsive behavior.

From my experience, if you want your daughter to eliminate the impulsive behavior, you should make sure she starts participating in some regular physical activity. Running or swimming in a school program would be best, but soccer, basketball, or volleyball would also be good. Dance classes would also help (ballet, tap, modern, or jazz). I'm not suggesting a few times per month. I'm suggesting an intensive, lifestyle changing athletic program that she commits to for the next few years.

If she can do this kind of activity, then when you stop the meds for the summer, you will find she is growing up more appropriately and her impulsive behavior is reduced.

Rodger Bailey, MS

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To assess the effect of the variables of interest on the likelihood of suicidal ideation, multiple logistic regression was performed using the categorical variables impulsiveness, self-esteem and depressive symptoms.
* To see if non clinical depression can significantly predict Buying Impulsiveness among female officers.
Impulsiveness has been linked to drug use and other problematic behaviours in many studies, with a diminished response inhibition capacity, difficulties for reflection and planning, and a tendency to choose minor reinforcers that are closer to hand in tasks involving delayed gratification being observed in addicts (Olmstead, 2006), as well as violent behaviours, poor behavioural regulation, and lower empathy (Romero-Martinez & Moya-Albiol, 2015).
Trump has shown no evidence of it; in fact, his policy impulsiveness risks digging an even deeper hole for Syria, into which the U.S., Britain and Russia will be sucked.
In particular, impulsiveness, narcissism, and callous-unemotional (CU) traits are especially important in the prediction of antisocial behaviour and criminal recidivism.
Men and women carrying too much flab have less grey and white matter in key areas of the brain which control impulsiveness and reward processing.
All the elements of the previous books are present again--the eye-catching cover, the illustrations, our daring and intrepid heroine and her loyal friends, including Rose who provides balance to Violet's impulsiveness. The plot moves on at a swift pace in all manner of exotic locations with any number of improbable characters and those who have read the earlier books will not be disappointed.
Symptoms include inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. These patterns of behavior are seen in school, home, work and can impact performance and relationships.