impulsive behavior

impulsive behavior,

n action initiated without due consideration or thought as to the costs, results, or consequences.
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ADHD includes problems such as difficulty sustaining attention, staying on task and impulsive behavior.
Psychopathy involves a lack of empathy and regard for others, and a tendency toward impulsive behavior.
Serotonin affects a widerange of cognitive functions and behaviors including mood, decisionmaking, social behavior, impulsive behavior, and even plays a role in social decisionmaking by keeping in check aggressive social responses or impulsive behavior, Medical Xpress reported.
E-collars in particular have become more sophisticated with a multitude of high-tech features that have made lessons in learned behavior and the control of impulsive behavior easier, more efficient and more humane.
Commenting on the marked difference in age between autism spectrum disorder patients and the rest of the cohort, they wrote: "Poor interpersonal problem-solving skills or impulsive behavior, which is characteristic of individuals with [autism spectrum disorders], had been linked with an increased risk of suicidal behavior among youth.
This personality trait leads low and high self-monitors to show different behaviors in various consumer behavior contexts, including impulsive behavior contexts.
When they were taught to control their impulsive behavior and identify the situations in which they were forced to pull his or her hair, found that they can control impulsive behavior which was cause of baldness.
A multinational research team led by scientists at the National Institutes of Health has found that a genetic variant of a brain receptor molecule may contribute to violently impulsive behavior when people who carry it are under the influence of alcohol.
For instance, in addition to those disorders listed as Impulse Control Disorders of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual- 4th edition, Text Revision (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 1994; DSM-IV TR), several other diagnostic criteria list impulsiveness, impulsivity, or impulsive behavior within the symptoms of the disorder or the functional aspects of the disorder.
He started studying impulsive behavior in adults, but found that many highly destructive behaviors, such as drug abuse, start in adolescence.
This is a consensus of advice given by several experts on the subject of selecting e-collars and employing them as a way to shape and control the learned and impulsive behavior of any breed of hunting dog.
Similarly, impulsive behavior has also been acknowledged in the consumer behavior literature, but relatively little research has involved adolescents.