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Relating to or actuated by an impulse, rather than controlled by reason or careful deliberation.
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1. Inclined to act on impulse rather than thought.
2. Motivated by or resulting from impulse.

im·pul′sive·ness, im′pul·siv′i·ty n.
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Relating to or actuated by an impulse, rather than controlled by reason or careful deliberation.
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Patient discussion about impulsive

Q. Daughter's impulsivity is reduced to a great extent from those days when she used to be without medicines. My daughter was very impulsive before taking her medicines. Her impulsivity is reduced to a great extent from those days when she used to be without medicines and had a very high impulsive behavior. Now I have asked the doctor to take off the medicines as she is going well. But the doctor said that he cannot stop the medicines suddenly as it will have adverse effects in my daughter. What may be the reason? My daughter is well without medicines. This is causing me great confusion.

A. I certainly agree with goodday222. Your daughter's impulsive behavior may not be displayed because she is continuing to take the meds to control it. I do not think the meds your daughter is taking would fix the impulsive behavior.

From my experience, if you want your daughter to eliminate the impulsive behavior, you should make sure she starts participating in some regular physical activity. Running or swimming in a school program would be best, but soccer, basketball, or volleyball would also be good. Dance classes would also help (ballet, tap, modern, or jazz). I'm not suggesting a few times per month. I'm suggesting an intensive, lifestyle changing athletic program that she commits to for the next few years.

If she can do this kind of activity, then when you stop the meds for the summer, you will find she is growing up more appropriately and her impulsive behavior is reduced.

Rodger Bailey, MS

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"Is it that impulsive kids don't meet the recommendations, or that kids who don't meet the recommendations become more impulsive?" Guerrero said.
"People who self-injure, both more frequently and more recently, also make more impulsive choices when experiencing distress than those who self-injure less frequently and/or less recently," said Kenneth JD Allen.
Impulsive Star is now a general 14/1 shot for the four-mile National Hunt Chase at the Cheltenham Festival in March.
Last year's winner Milansbar gave a bold sight in front for much of the threemile-five-furlong journey, but was a spent force racing down the back straight for the second time and Impulsive Star took the lead under Cheltenham Gold Cup-winning jockey Sam Waley-Cohen, carrying the colours of his father, Robert.
Because of this, these woman have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a partner which in turn could lead to flings - or "opportunistic mating" and "impulsive mating" with men other than their partner.
Based on changing trends of the market in emerging economies it is possible to infer that impulsive buying may be a big area of research.
"Charlie died of an impulsive self-inflicted act, but the intention is not clear," she added.
man who issues Mularky ' Mr Mularky said the calls were impulsive and made quickly one after the other, proving they were 'not deliberate, calculated actions'.
However, since PLC transmits data over cables whose original purpose is to supply power to electrical appliances, it is susceptible to impulsive noise that is produced by these appliances and background noise.
"It seems to me on all the evidence this was an impulsive act.
Impulsive differential equations are important in both theory and applications.
In practice, state-dependent feedback control is proved to be more reasonable to depict problems originating from real world phenomena than fixed time pulses [14], and it is often described by using impulsive dynamical systems, which have received a lot of attention [14-21], and revealing that the control tactics should only be applied once the states of the model reach a prescribed given threshold.