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blind obedience to internal drives, without regard for acceptance by others or pressure from the superego; seen in children and in adults with weak defensive organization.


An abnormal urge to perform a certain activity.


An abnormal urge to perform a certain activity.

Patient discussion about impulsion

Q. Daughter's impulsivity is reduced to a great extent from those days when she used to be without medicines. My daughter was very impulsive before taking her medicines. Her impulsivity is reduced to a great extent from those days when she used to be without medicines and had a very high impulsive behavior. Now I have asked the doctor to take off the medicines as she is going well. But the doctor said that he cannot stop the medicines suddenly as it will have adverse effects in my daughter. What may be the reason? My daughter is well without medicines. This is causing me great confusion.

A. I certainly agree with goodday222. Your daughter's impulsive behavior may not be displayed because she is continuing to take the meds to control it. I do not think the meds your daughter is taking would fix the impulsive behavior.

From my experience, if you want your daughter to eliminate the impulsive behavior, you should make sure she starts participating in some regular physical activity. Running or swimming in a school program would be best, but soccer, basketball, or volleyball would also be good. Dance classes would also help (ballet, tap, modern, or jazz). I'm not suggesting a few times per month. I'm suggesting an intensive, lifestyle changing athletic program that she commits to for the next few years.

If she can do this kind of activity, then when you stop the meds for the summer, you will find she is growing up more appropriately and her impulsive behavior is reduced.

Rodger Bailey, MS

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In comparison with an ordinary ad, a functional green ad, which highlights a product's environmental features, intensifies the perception of practical environmental brand advantages and therefore the impulsion to buy the product advertised.
Se tuvo en cuenta el material de la tuberia, y se asigno el factor de correccion de acuerdo al material Hierro Ductil, Asbesto Cemento o Concreto Reforzado, obteniendose el grado de impacto ante ocurrencia de sismo de intensidad VIII en escala de Mercalli en la infraestructura para los componentes del Agua Potable; La Linea de Conduccion numero de fallas por kilometro fueron 10,28 (Fallas/Km) impactando al 44% del total de las redes, para la linea de impulsion 36,66 Fallas/Km superando el 100% debido al material de las tuberias como el asbesto cemento, para las redes de distribucion de agua potable 39,60 Fallas/Km impactando en el 83% de total de las redes existentes.
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Annoncee lors du Conseil de gouvernement de jeudi dernier, la reforme du regime de suretes mobilieres devrait donner une forte impulsion a l'entreprise, particulierement la PME.
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The shambles began when Sylvania Lights unshipped Simon Whitworth leaving the paddock and the horse was soon galloping riderless round the car park accompanied by Miss Darling, who had bolted on the way down along with favourite Impulsion.
Tenders are invited for electromechanical installation works of the hortes de beniarbeig well and impulsion conduction to the benihome well (second phase)
Les problemes lies au decaissement des financements reserves a l'achevement des projets inscrits dans le programme de developpement regional ont ete resolus, recemment, et les ressources du mecanisme d'amorcage ont ete doublees, afin de donner une impulsion a l'investissement prive, a declare mercredi, le ministre du developpement, de l'investissement et de la cooperation internationale, Zied Laadhari.