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v. im·printed, im·printing, im·prints
1. To produce (a mark or pattern) on a surface by pressure.
2. To produce a mark on (a surface) by pressure.
3. To cause (a very young animal) to recognize and be attracted to another animal or to an object identified as the parent. Often used with on.
4. To modify (a gene) chemically, as by DNA methylation, affecting the gene's expression in offspring.
To become imprinted on another animal or on an object identified as the parent. Used of newborn or very young animals. Often used with on: lab animals that imprint on researchers.
n. (ĭm′prĭnt′)
A chemical modification of a gene affecting the gene's expression in offspring.


(im-print', im'print) [L. imprimere, to press into]
1. To leave a pressure mark on an object.
2. To guide or restrict the development or expression of a genetic, behavioral, or personal characteristic. imprint (im'print) ; imprinting

biopsy imprint

Touch preparation.

genomic imprint

The inactivation of a gene by its allele.
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With the help of operating surgeon, the freshly resected breast specimens were taken up for intra-operative imprint cytology.
The tissue surface to be imprinted should be flat and there should be no portion of fat protruding from the edges as these tend to smudge the imprints.
Next, the researchers strengthened the magnetic field applied to the atom cloud to protect the imprint from interfering atoms.
Its imprints are sold in 94 markets worldwide and are published in 25 languages.
More and more African American books are coming out, on and off ethnic imprints," says Calvin Reid, a black news editor at Publisher's Weekly.
Although still in the experimental stage, molecular imprints (MIPs), have been tested for practical application in several areas of analytical chemistry, for instance in chromatography.
Fossils, the imprints or remains of plants and animals usually preserved in rock, form in a variety of ways:
DeMille was too busy in August 1941 to go to the theater to make his hand- and footprints, so a square of concrete was delivered to the studio where he was working, and he made the imprints during a break in filming.
US-based trade publisher Hachette Book Group, a division of Hachette Livre, is to combine two new imprints to create a new publishing division.
There area lot of African American imprints at publishing houses, now but the editors' hands are tied because the higher-ups don't understand our audience.
The relationship of Mulas to Johns is symptomatic of the structure of "L'empreinte," which featured both material imprints and representations of them, often in the form of photographs or elaborate schematic drawings.