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v. im·printed, im·printing, im·prints
1. To produce (a mark or pattern) on a surface by pressure.
2. To produce a mark on (a surface) by pressure.
3. To cause (a very young animal) to recognize and be attracted to another animal or to an object identified as the parent. Often used with on.
4. To modify (a gene) chemically, as by DNA methylation, affecting the gene's expression in offspring.
To become imprinted on another animal or on an object identified as the parent. Used of newborn or very young animals. Often used with on: lab animals that imprint on researchers.
n. (ĭm′prĭnt′)
A chemical modification of a gene affecting the gene's expression in offspring.


(im-print', im'print) [L. imprimere, to press into]
1. To leave a pressure mark on an object.
2. To guide or restrict the development or expression of a genetic, behavioral, or personal characteristic. imprint (im'print) ; imprinting

biopsy imprint

Touch preparation.

genomic imprint

The inactivation of a gene by its allele.
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Gaudium - an imprint dedicated to books on contemporary lifestyle, culture, sports, and politics, as well as biography and autobiography;
Two of them are complete, the rest are only fragments, he said for TASR, explaining that even fragments are precious in Slovakia because they still enable comparisons of imprints and help scientists get an idea of the various species of dinosaurs that lived in the Slovak area.Moreover, new discoveries allow paleontologists to revise their knowledge of an area.
Depending on a facility's conveyor setup and available floorspace, Diagraph can configure a choice of turnkey case turners: either a bump-turn mechanism that spins the case 90 degrees for the second imprint then returns it to its original orientation, or a perpendicular conveyor belt that pulls the case to the side for a second set of printheads to imprint on the opposite sides.
The Imprints initiative reflects the bank's focus to set benchmark standards in social responsibility.
Another study8 on touch imprints of breast lesions revealed higher sensitivity (100%) and lower specificity (71%) than the present study.
The author identifies and provides context for 533 known imprints. This is no small accomplishment, as anyone who has perused Israelite publications knows.
It should be noted that the interaction between DNA methylation and histone modification also play crucial roles in maintaining the parental imprints in the preimplantation stage.
* The tissue surface to be imprinted should be flat and there should be no portion of fat protruding from the edges as these tend to smudge the imprints.
Target: Molecular Imprints' semiconductor imprint lithography equipment unit
A careful and quick gross examination of the specimen was performed, followed by preparation of imprint smears and frozen sections.
Always expanding their services, Park Avenue Imprints soon learned that while someone might know what they want to promote, they might not know precisely how to do it.
Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) found applications in various areas such as separation science, biosensors, drug delivery, chromatography, extraction, and catalysis [6, 7].