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v. im·printed, im·printing, im·prints
1. To produce (a mark or pattern) on a surface by pressure.
2. To produce a mark on (a surface) by pressure.
3. To cause (a very young animal) to recognize and be attracted to another animal or to an object identified as the parent. Often used with on.
4. To modify (a gene) chemically, as by DNA methylation, affecting the gene's expression in offspring.
To become imprinted on another animal or on an object identified as the parent. Used of newborn or very young animals. Often used with on: lab animals that imprint on researchers.
n. (ĭm′prĭnt′)
A chemical modification of a gene affecting the gene's expression in offspring.
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(im-print', im'print) [L. imprimere, to press into]
1. To leave a pressure mark on an object.
2. To guide or restrict the development or expression of a genetic, behavioral, or personal characteristic. imprint (im'print) ; imprinting

biopsy imprint

Touch preparation.

genomic imprint

The inactivation of a gene by its allele.
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Nanoparticles can be molecularly imprinted in that--to simplify--a polymerizable mixture is polymerized into nanospheres in the presence of the (bio)molecules they are supposed to recognize later.
We also revealed some of the most important imprinted regions that hinder the development of mice with same sex parents, which are also interesting for studying genomic imprinting and animal cloning."
Sellergren, "Determination of nicotine in tobacco by molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction with differential pulsed elution," Analytical Communications, vol.
Where k MIP and k NIP are selectivity coefficients of the imprinted and non-imprinted nanocomposites, respectively.
Therefore, her research target has long been the imprinted genes derived from exogenous DNA, such as retrotransposons.
The CpG probes related to imprinted genes, X chromosome, and XIST were retrieved from full data of the 450K microarrays and used for methylation analysis.
Lead author Dr John Perry from the University of Cambridge said that normally, the inherited physical characteristics reflect a roughly average combination of our parents' genomes, but imprinted genes place unequal weight on the influence of either the mother's or the father's genes, it was found that one parent may more profoundly affect puberty timing in their daughters than the other parent.
Swelling Ratio of Imprinted Polymers (in Water, W, and Hydrochloric Acid, HC).
These imprinted polymers were prepared by the same method as the preparation for the L- or D-TRPM-imprinted polymers using L- or D-PHEM instead of L- or D-TRPM.
Since imprinted genes play crucial roles in fetal and placental development, it is important to establish the expression patterns of several imprinted genes.