implant prosthesis

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im·plant pros·the·sis

(im'plant pros-thē'sis)
Any prosthesis that uses dental implants in part or whole for retention, support, and stability.
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At the end of two months, the implant prosthesis with a mesial cantilever was installed (Figure 10).
A properly fabricated fixed dental prosthesis can be more aesthetically pleasing for the patient which sometimes cannot be achieved by implant prosthesis. Pontics of fixed partial denture have to fulfil aesthetic, functional and hygienic requirements.
CAD/CAM technology has been used in dentistry since early 1990s to manufacture an implant prosthesis allowing fabrication of prosthetic frameworks that are constructed from solid blocks of metal without any porosity.
A woman who died from anaplastic large cell lymphoma in France had implants from Poly Implant Prosthesis and more than 2,000 women have filed complaints against the firm.
Hurson [12] states that the nature of loosening is complex because a variety of patterns and occlusal masticatory forces, The clinical studies indicate that between 5% and 45% of loosening or fracture of the components of the implant prosthesis occurs in the first year, Gupta et al.