implant fixture

im·plant fix·ture

(implant fikschŭr)
Portion of the implant surgically placed into the bone. The fixture will act as the "root" of the implant and needs a period of 3 to 6 months to be fully surrounded and supported by bone.
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Even after successfully placing the implant fixture, early failure or late failure can occur due to parafunction.
RFA measures resonance frequency, defined as the peak of the frequency-amplitude plot, through a piezoceramic transducer attached to the implant fixture. These vibrational signals are then converted into a value representing implant stability or stiffness at the bone-implant interface [19].
If the implant fixture and the abutment are modeled separately then a contact con- dition at a predefined pre-load and torque value such as the coefficient of friction needs to be set between the two bodies.
A leading British manufacturer of orthopaedic implants and surgical instrumentation has recently installed a Guyson Multibiast RSB blast machine for cleaning off Hydroxyapatke and Titanium coating 'overspray' from its cup and stem implant fixture masks, which become encrusted with coating when its medical implants undergo Vacuum Plasma Spraying.
Caption: Figure 1: Photofunctionalization of implant fixture surface by ultraviolet light.
Then the prosthodontist should reassess the available space required for the implant fixture using the appropriate radiographs.
Patients with sufficient quality or quantity of bone to support the implant fixture only are to be selected for the implant surgery.
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Dental implant is a permanent metal fixture anchored into the jaw bone topped with individual replacement of a tooth, teeth or a bridge that screws or cements into the implant fixture. The successful outcome of implant procedure depends on a series of patient-related and procedure-dependent parameters.
For the clinical uses, a PFTM is selected according to the size and shape of peri-implant bone defect and is placed on the anchor connected to implant fixture and cover cap is applied on top for direct fixation between implant and PFTM [6].
Fracture of an implant fixture or peri-implantitis aggravates surrounding tissue damage and causes a failing implant; thus implant reinstallation should be planned after explanting implant fixture and enough healing phase [6-8].
As regards implant fixtures inserted in edentulous areas, traditional Branemark's protocols recommend 4 or 6 months of submerged and unloaded healing period, respectively, in the mandible and maxilla, after which it is possible to proceed to prosthetic loading, being the process of osseointegration completed [6, 7].