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Neurology Compression of a nerve or blood vessel through a constricted space. See Nerve root impingement.


1. Degenerative alteration in a joint in which there is excessive friction between joint tissues. This typically causes limitations in range of motion and the perception of joint pain.
2. An area of periodontal tissue traumatized by the occlusal force of a tooth.
3. The unwanted compression of soft tissue between two or more harder, unyielding structures.


a term used in sports medicine when soft tissue is trapped, usually between bones, leading to pressure, inflammation, pain and loss of function. Shoulder impingement is common in repetitive overhead sports, especially swimming, where the tendons of the 'rotator cuff' are trapped between the head of the humerus and the acromion, causing pain when moving the arm forwards and upwards: the impingement sign. Treatment aims to alter poor technique and reduce inflammation (rest, ice, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injections). Surgery is occasionally required.

impingement (impinj´mənt),

n the striking or application of excessive pressure to a tissue by food or a prosthesis.

Patient discussion about impingement

Q. what does c4-5 mild central disk bulging impinging upon cervical cord without spinal stenosis or distortion of the cord . mild righ neural foraminal narrowing from uncovertebral joint hypertropy mean

A. Well this basically means there is a very small narrowing of the cervical (your neck area) spinal canal (where the spinal cord is), however the narrowing does not cause any damage to the spinal cord, therefore probably does not cause any major symptoms involving the nerves. The c4-5 bulging part refers to the part in between the two cervical vertebras c4 and c5, in which the disc (a part in the spinal cord) is sliding a bit side-ways, but again, it does not seem to be causing any trouble.

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