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Neurology Compression of a nerve or blood vessel through a constricted space. See Nerve root impingement.


1. Degenerative alteration in a joint in which there is excessive friction between joint tissues. This typically causes limitations in range of motion and the perception of joint pain.
2. An area of periodontal tissue traumatized by the occlusal force of a tooth.
3. The unwanted compression of soft tissue between two or more harder, unyielding structures.

Patient discussion about impingement

Q. what does c4-5 mild central disk bulging impinging upon cervical cord without spinal stenosis or distortion of the cord . mild righ neural foraminal narrowing from uncovertebral joint hypertropy mean

A. Well this basically means there is a very small narrowing of the cervical (your neck area) spinal canal (where the spinal cord is), however the narrowing does not cause any damage to the spinal cord, therefore probably does not cause any major symptoms involving the nerves. The c4-5 bulging part refers to the part in between the two cervical vertebras c4 and c5, in which the disc (a part in the spinal cord) is sliding a bit side-ways, but again, it does not seem to be causing any trouble.

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The study of all those facts which impinge on a building project objectively and subjectively.
Bruno has conserved the original volumes and his modern additions of lifts (in the internal courtyard), stairs, a cafe, shop and lavatories impinge lightly on the existing structure.
For the next two years the experimenters expect to be busy with the means of gneerating and focusing the beam of lithium ions, which will come from the walls of a cylindrical diode and impinge on the target (hung in the center of the diode) from all sides.
In general, the architects' highly controlled insertions impinge as little as possible on the original fabric, the lightness and transparency of the new held in tension against the solidity of the old.
But the exceptional qualities of the warehouse structure, with its massive oak timbers and lofty volumes, impressed upon architect and client the conviction that they should impinge upon the building as lightly as possible.
Contemporary ecology is ecumenical, for rather than simply denying certain techniques and intelligences, it must try to reconcile the friendly natural forces that impinge on man with the friendly human artefacts that impinge on the environment.