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(im'pe-tŭs), The plural of this word is impetus, not impeti.
In psychoanalysis, the motor element of an instinct; the amount of force of the person's energy that the instinctive impulse demands.
[L. an onset, fr. im-peto, to attack]
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Segun esta imaginacion, Dios, desde la creacion del mundo, movio los cielos con [una cantidad de] movimiento identica a aquella con la que se mueven actualmente, imprimiendoles un impetus con el que han continuado moviendose uniformemente hasta el dia de hoy.
Despite these denials, Nicole Rosmarino of Forest Guardians says, "We believe these petitions provided the impetus for the states to get together and start mapping out a strategy for conservation.
By viewing the Italian creator as the impetus to a host of inventions, children acquire an understanding of the ongoing nature of technological advances from their proposal to completion, however many centuries it takes.
Charles Darwin's exploits during his voyage on the HMS Beagle in 1831 were the impetus of his revolutionary theories on natural selection and evolution.
The theme, the group said, is meant to "draw attention to Jesus as the source of unity, emphasizing that he has already shown us the way to be instruments of the unity which God desires for us." It also illustrates "the simplicity of two or three coming together in Christian mutual love as a vital means of building up relations between divided peoples and communities." Small prayer groups "can have a powerful impetus in creating a spirit of peace and reconciliation," the group said.
Here are 500 machines, 600 pictures, background history, technical specs and discussions of variants and successors which go way beyond mere listing of equipment, probing the evolution and advancements of game programmers and the impetus for changes.
The constitution "led to a growing awareness of the significance of Holy Scripture, promoted the biblical pastoral ministry, and gave new impetus to the scientific study of the Bible," said Cardinal Kasper, who is president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, which organized the September 14 to 18 conference.
JEGI said impetus for the acceleration in the market include: the convergence of traditional and interactive media, the drive for growth by strategic companies, strong debt markets and low interest rates, and an active private equity market.
The receipt of a grant is important not just for the financial support of new programmatic effort, but also provides the impetus for staff members to push prevention approaches new to them.
Running a society portrait studio in 1890s Washington State, Curtis found in Princess Angeline--the daughter of Chief Sealth, from whom Seattle got its name (and the title to its land)--the impetus to attempt to record on camera all extant American Indian cultures.
Kurt Cyrus' realistic drawings illustrates a tale for ages 5-9 about a Texas boy who found his love of guitar an early impetus for achievement.