imperfect state

im·per·fect stage

1. a mycologic term used to describe the asexual life cycle phase of a fungus.
2. in fungi, the state or stage at which only asexual spores such as conidia are formed; most such species are classified as Deuteromycetes (Fungi Imperfecti). Synonym(s): imperfect state
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References in classic literature ?
Arguing from this imperfect state of his morals, Mrs Varden further opined that he had never studied the Manual.
Far be it from us, in the present comparatively imperfect state of the resources of our establishment, to endeavour to follow our distinguished townsman through the smoothly-flowing periods of his polished and highly-ornate address!
This last man was an admirable specimen of a class of gentry which never can be seen in full perfection but in such places-- they may be met with, in an imperfect state, occasionally about stable-yards and Public-houses; but they never attain their full bloom except in these hot-beds, which would almost seem to be considerately provided by the legislature for the sole purpose of rearing them.
On the other hand, caution was imperatively necessary, in the present imperfect state of his information--and caution, in Sir Patrick's mind, carried the day.
the ideal state seems far away, and we find a dispassionate survey of imperfect states, the best ways of preserving them, and an analysis of the causes of their instability.
In accordance with the same line of thought, imperfect states, although called perversions, are regarded by Aristotle as the result rather of misconception and ignorance than of perverse will.
Bad news about the imperfect state of the Bundeswehr are coming regularly, but this one seems to be even worse, according to Bild am Sonntag tabloid.
choice--they can cither advocate for more imperfect state regulation of
Could one not generalise from this imperfect state of affairs to look at the situation of doctors and nurses, whose English is not good enough to communicate sufficiently well with their patients and colleagues?
The stock market may be high enough given the imperfect state of the world.
Many people used the tool three years ago in its imperfect state and found satisfaction.