impedance method

im·ped·ance meth·od

a method for localizing brain structures by measuring impedance of electric current.
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Other methods for platelet estimation in use include 1) microscopy using a haemocytometer, 2) impedance method and 3) fluorescent optical method.
Validation of tetra-polar bioelectrical impedance method to assess human body composition.
Comparison of Skinfold Thickness Measurement and Bioelectrical Impedance Method for Assessment of Body Fat.
The BFP of children was assessed by bioelectrical impedance method using the body fat monitor (Omron-HBF-306).
Although the quality of the impedance method has been continuously improved, inaccurate counting still occurs in many conditions.
So we propose an acoustic impedance method which is not affected by the thickness change of cornea.
So the whole model is simplified as a linear system which is suitable for the impedance method. Gear pairs and shafts are coupled through interface 1, shafts and bearings are coupled through interface 2, and bearings and gearbox housing are coupled through interface 3.
The main idea proposed in this paper introduced a learning impedance method, which can give subjects certain support where they underperform and make them train voluntarily in most training period.
Our group has previously used the impedance method in similar experimental setting in order to evaluate hemodynamics during recovery following submaximal, maximal, and supramaximal exercise and detailed descriptions of its rationale and application can be found in these reports (Crisafulli et al., 2003b; 2004; 2006a; 2007; 2011).
One of the common methods is the electrochemical impedance method. The study of the impedance of tissue was held by Khachatrian [7].
A method for tuning PWAS with the guided waves traveling in the structure detects damage in the structure from changes observed in the high frequency vibration spectrum measured with the E/M impedance method. The second edition standardizes notation and derivations across the book, and adds a chapter on coupling PWAS transducers to a monitored structure as well as case studies comparing damage detection.