impedance method

im·ped·ance meth·od

a method for localizing brain structures by measuring impedance of electric current.
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Accuracy of an eight-point tactile-electrode impedance method in the assessment of total body water.
Comparison of Skinfold Thickness Measurement and Bioelectrical Impedance Method for Assessment of Body Fat.
The BFP of children was assessed by bioelectrical impedance method using the body fat monitor (Omron-HBF-306).
A method for tuning PWAS with the guided waves traveling in the structure detects damage in the structure from changes observed in the high frequency vibration spectrum measured with the E/M impedance method.
His latest innovations are the patented Mediator Release Test (MRT) and MRTIII instrument, which utilizes a combination of advanced flow cytometry and the patented ribbon impedance method to provide the most reliable, precise, and relevant information regarding food-induced inflammation.
An impedance method measurement was utilized to study the pattern of semicircle Nyquist plots as measured by the capacitor sensor.
Gupta studied the effect of mutual coupling on the performance of adaptive arrays and adopted the conventional mutual impedance method (CMIM) to reduce the effect of mutual coupling [1].
The performance of the new method is verified with the single resonance lumped circuit model and multi-resonance distributed circuit model, which can obtain more accurate results than the target impedance method.
The input impedance method which has been discussed in the previous section is an exact method to investigate planar multilayer structures.
Because of this, E/M impedance method is more effective in SHM application than other more conventional methods [3].