impaired cognition syndrome

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Gulf War syndrome

Military medicine A condition described in veterans of the Gulf War Clinical Fever, headache, ↓ short-term memory, loss of vision, SOB, coughing, diarrhea, skin changes, bleeding gums, loss of hair and teeth, numbness, tingling, aching joints, fatigue
Gulf War syndromes
Impaired cognition syndrome Sx include distractibility, memory loss, depression, insomnia, fatigue, slurring of speech, mental confusion, migraine-like headaches
Confusion-ataxia syndrome Defects in thinking, balance, reasoning ability, confusion, disorientation, carrying a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress diorder, depression, liver disease, and sexual impotence
Arthromyoneuropathy syndrome Generalized joint & muscle pain, ↑ difficulty in lifting heavy objects, fatigue, tingling/numbness of hands, feet, arms, legs AMN 20/1/97, p18, from 15/1/97 JAMA
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im·pair·ed cog·ni·tion syn·drome

(im-pārd' kog-nish'ŭn sin'drōm)
First of three identified types of Gulf War syndrome (q.v.).
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