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1. Diminished, damaged, or weakened: an impaired sense of smell.
2. Functioning poorly or incompetently: a driver so tired as to be impaired.
3. Having a physical or mental disability.
n. (used with a pl. verb)
People who have a physical or mental disability considered as a group. Usually used in combination: communication aids for the speech-impaired.


adjective Acting under a handicap.


(im-pard′) [Fr. empeirer, to make worse]
Not functioning or behaving appropriately because of damage, illness, or weakness. In the health care professions, it refers to a physician, nurse, or other professional too ill or incapacitated to carry out his or her professional duties. Neurological diseases, e.g., strokes or dementia, are prominent causes, as are behavioral health disorders, e.g., alcohol or drug dependency.

Patient discussion about impaired

Q. What is impaired at .08 blood-alcohol content? Hello there, What is impaired at .08 blood-alcohol content?

A. The limit for workers to enter the protected area of a commercial nuclear power plant is 0.04. (I retired from one in July.)

So to answer your question directly, it impairs your ability to think, work, and make critical decisions.

It affects those around you, especially family if the person persists and drinks irresponsibly all the time.

Drinking affects one's ability to drive an automobile properly, not just for the driver, but for the safety of passengers and those in other autos. If you care for other people, you won't drink and drive.
Don't drink and drive. The law is far too lenient.

You can't get back what you lose when you drink irresponsibly.
What you lose may be things intangible that are the most precious in life.

Q. I would like to improve myself besides taking meds. Can any one advice me? Hi I’m Genaro with FM (Fibromyalgia). I am taking meds regularly which is prescribed by my physician. I would like to improve myself besides taking meds. Can any one advice me?

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They also draw on the work of the provinces 2013 impaired driving summit.
In this regard, the first school in 1920 for the hearing- impaired established in Karachi, later on in the year of 1923 another school named Ida Rio foundation stone laid down.
Fifty hearing parents from Karachi city having hearing impaired children up to age of 10 years were approached through five special schools of children having hearing impaired children studying therein.
Earlier, in his introductory remarks CEO AAAP Communication Amaar Masood said that AAAP Communications has come up with a unique project to highlight the educational problems of visually impaired students raising awareness in masses and advocacy with the government to address these problems step by step.
They have to be dependent on others for fulfilling their physical, social and economic needs, especially the persons who are visually impaired.
But she added it is a valid defence for an accused to claim he "did not know and had no reason to suspect" the person was mentally impaired.
Suad Aziz, a Moroccan, said her sister is visually impaired.
The Omani Society for the Hearing Impaired will soon begin a weeklong series of events as part of Arab Deaf Week, starting from April 24.
Given the findings of the survey, we believe it is important for members of the field of visual impairment, when interacting with the business community, to provide education about the value in hiring individuals who are visually impaired.
With this action, EPA is approving Iowa's decision to include 183 waters and remove 54 waters from the impaired waters list, bringing the total number of impaired waters in the state to 434.
The device, as compared to the conventional tools such as Braille, will make studies for visually impaired students easier.
13 that features "touchable art" portraits of visually impaired people that can be appreciated either visually or by touching.