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1. Diminished, damaged, or weakened: an impaired sense of smell.
2. Functioning poorly or incompetently: a driver so tired as to be impaired.
3. Having a physical or mental disability.
n. (used with a pl. verb)
People who have a physical or mental disability considered as a group. Usually used in combination: communication aids for the speech-impaired.


adjective Acting under a handicap.


(im-pard′) [Fr. empeirer, to make worse]
Not functioning or behaving appropriately because of damage, illness, or weakness. In the health care professions, it refers to a physician, nurse, or other professional too ill or incapacitated to carry out his or her professional duties. Neurological diseases, e.g., strokes or dementia, are prominent causes, as are behavioral health disorders, e.g., alcohol or drug dependency.

Patient discussion about impaired

Q. What is impaired at .08 blood-alcohol content? Hello there, What is impaired at .08 blood-alcohol content?

A. The limit for workers to enter the protected area of a commercial nuclear power plant is 0.04. (I retired from one in July.)

So to answer your question directly, it impairs your ability to think, work, and make critical decisions.

It affects those around you, especially family if the person persists and drinks irresponsibly all the time.

Drinking affects one's ability to drive an automobile properly, not just for the driver, but for the safety of passengers and those in other autos. If you care for other people, you won't drink and drive.
Don't drink and drive. The law is far too lenient.

You can't get back what you lose when you drink irresponsibly.
What you lose may be things intangible that are the most precious in life.

Q. I would like to improve myself besides taking meds. Can any one advice me? Hi I’m Genaro with FM (Fibromyalgia). I am taking meds regularly which is prescribed by my physician. I would like to improve myself besides taking meds. Can any one advice me?

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References in classic literature ?
In one of these two instances of a craving for stimulants, developed from sheer anxiety, I cannot assert that the man's seaman-like qualities were impaired in the least.
He impaired his vision by holding the object too close.
Tho' my Charms are now considerably softened and somewhat impaired by the Misfortunes I have undergone, I was once beautiful.
At last--it seemed an at last to Fanny's nervousness, though not remarkably late--he began to talk of going away; but the comfort of the sound was impaired by his turning to her the next moment, and saying, "Have you nothing to send to Mary?
Germain, the princess and her mother had changed their heavy traveling carriage, somewhat impaired by the journey, for a light, richly decorated chariot drawn by six horses with white and gold harness.
Most of the clerks were young men of good families, from the Highlands of Scotland, characterized by the perseverance, thrift, and fidelity of their country, and fitted by their native hardihood to encounter the rigorous climate of the North, and to endure the trials and privations of their lot; though it must not be concealed that the constitutions of many of them became impaired by the hardships of the wilderness, and their stomachs injured by occasional famishing, and especially by the want of bread and salt.
Our friendship cannot be impaired by it, and in happier times, when your situation is as independent as mine, it will unite us again in the same intimacy as ever.
She had lost none of her old knack for turning off large amounts of work quickly, but she firmly stopped just short of the point where her milk might be impaired by her exertions.
been impaired, and points especially to some affection
He watched the lecturer, whose success he believed he had impaired, and then he anxiously watched his son.
and therefore able to see) when he travelled in Italy; and perhaps, also, his powers of observation were impaired by the oddness of finding himself in this strange empty house, where apparently no one expected him.
So they went in, and lo, where they had put them, there lay the bottles of strange liquors, and they judged that age had not impaired their excellence.